by diamondfowler 23 Jul 2012

When ebroidery on soap do you have to use fsl designs? Love to try this Thanks Diamond


by cfidl 23 Jul 2012

Here is last weeks discussion of this topic and the resulting project. I take credit for using mylar. Have Fun Stitchin! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by justonlyme 23 Jul 2012

I would think that a lighter stitch on tulle or organza would work better than the heavy FSL. Trim around the design.
Thank you for the idea at this moment. I have a dear friend who is going in for a very major and life changing urgent surgery early this week. I would like to make her a gift basket. Soap and towels would work wonderfully. :)

by airyfairy 23 Jul 2012

Hope you have more success than I did. I did my first one on glycerine a few weeks ago. The bar still has not dried out!!! I must try again as the effect is lovely. Sarah.

by dollygk 23 Jul 2012

Any design can be stitched on Organza as well!

by 1ladyb 23 Jul 2012

You could stitch any design that would fit on the bar of soap on tulle (netting, cut it out then put it on the soap.