by cclark 21 Jul 2012

I just received my b-day gift from my secret sister. I didn't open it yet. My birthday isn't until next Saturday. I can't wait to see what my SS sent!


by graciegirl 21 Jul 2012

Long wait.

by shirlener88 21 Jul 2012

I do hope you can wait - you don't have to - if you can't - thanks for letting your Secret Sister know you received your gift.

by zoefzoef 21 Jul 2012

Tension !!! I know I would be curious too.. Probably would take the parcel in my hands several times ... Good luck in being patient..And don't foget to post pictures !!!

by drro 21 Jul 2012

Happy Birthday early and be a good girl and wait;)) Don' you just love the secret sister program?! The mystery of who and then when will it arrive, and what is in the box? It is so much fun! I felt like a child again on my birthday! I hope you have as much fun opening your SS's gift as I did mine! Hugs, and God bless! Ro