by raseitz 16 Jul 2012

I am curious about "how" to digitize something. I am working on rearranging the stitch order of my daisy alpha. Mom (drro) suggested I stitch the daisy centers first to reduce thread changing then moving the the stitches for the letter to the end of the stitch order. My current question it "better" to connect the daisy stitches or leave the jumps between each center?


by BinkyBoo 28 Sep 2014

Can anyone tell me if this gorgeous Daisy Alpha was ever completed? I have the A, B & C and have either lost the rest through poor practice, virus, corruption or never obtained them in the first place. I've no way to know which unfortunately as my Dropbox is such a schemozzle. I've since learned valuable lessons and am now going through it to organise my downloaded files (freebies and purchases) a lot better but am still missing or have misfiled so many pretties I know should be there. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks :)

by bevgrift 17 Jul 2012

I love your alfa!
Could you not have the yellow centers auto cut as if they were diff colours, then no jumps or runs ???
Hugs Bev

by mpo14011 17 Jul 2012

I would start with the letter. Use jump stitches to go from one part of the letter to the other parts because the darker colour will show through the lighter coloured daisies.
Then digitise the petals of the daisy by starting you first stitch at the top of one petal, making sure the last stitch finishes at the bottom of the petal.Digitise a run line across the bottom of the petal and up to the point of the next one.Continue this way all around the flower until the daisy petals are all digitised always making sure the last stitch finishes at the bottom of each petal.
Repeat this process for the other daisies.
You won't need an outline, but if you want to put one in around the petals, do it now, again making sure the last stitch finishes at the center of the flower.
Then fill the center.
This way you will not have any jump stitches between the petals.

by drro 17 Jul 2012


by danababes 16 Jul 2012

Personally I'd do the flowers last as I try to work from the background to what will be on the top (if you look at them as layers .. or from the horizon toward you)... so I'd end up with jump stitches for the centres because you wouldn't be able to hide connecting/running stitches behind the "E" parts. :) xXx

by mops Moderator 16 Jul 2012

I prefer the flowers to be on top of the letter. It looks more natural and it's easier to get your petals nice and crisp. But you could stitch the centers of the flower first to avoid a few jumps. Then do the letter making connection stitches that will be hidden underneath the flowers en leaves. Remember you've got far more loose parts in your letter than there are flower centers.

raseitz by raseitz 16 Jul 2012

but should I use the connection stitch to connect the centers or is it "okay" to jump between them?

mops by mops 16 Jul 2012

Whatever you like best; two long jumps are easy to cut, so that does not make much of a difference.
In general doing the larger bits first - in this case the letter - is a sound start, especially as the letter consists of seven (?) pieces.

mops by mops 16 Jul 2012

In general you'd best work from the center outwards, here I would say the biggest shape first, the embellishments on top later.
Personally I would go letter, centers, then daisies or leaves depending on overlap if there is any.