by april22 14 Jul 2012

Pre-shrinking fabric before cutting and sewing your next creation is a wise step. Fabrics will change in size and sometimes in texture and slight dye smells will disappear. To save time and make your cutting process fun, I suggest the following tip. Stretch the fabric across it's width and watch the raw edge... Does it curl? If it does curl, you will now want to sew the two raw edges of the fabric together with a long stitch. The serger or the sewing machine are both great options for this step. You are sewing along the edges that were created when the fabric was cut for you in the fabric store. Sew along the other end of the fabric as well, joining the two raw edges there as well. Now wash and dry the fabric as you would normally do to pre-shrink it.

The magic of this tip shines though when your fabric comes out of the has flat edges, not a big roll of curled knit. Now to proceed with the layout of your pattern pieces, trim the stitching line from each end of your fabric and smooth out the fabric on your cutting surface. Layout, pin & cut your patterns pieces and enjoy sewing success....


by lbrow 16 Jul 2012

Now this is a great idea. Thanks Lillian

by biddysews 16 Jul 2012

Thank you,

by shirlener88 16 Jul 2012

Nice TIP, thank you.

by almag 15 Jul 2012

Thank you for this tip.

by susiesembroidery 15 Jul 2012

Thanks for this tip, it is always nice to do something more fun.

by edithfarminer 15 Jul 2012

Interesting thanks for the tip. I have just finished an outfit and was told to wash the lining first and did so, but not the material.

by sewmary15 15 Jul 2012

I have stitched along the edge of fabric that I knew would frey before pre-washing. Wish I had know about you tip then. The fabric would have come out better and been easier to handle.

by mops Moderator 14 Jul 2012

Nice tip, thank you.