by kitty2011 08 Jul 2012

Question about EMBIRD

Can anyone tell me if Embird is compatable with Mac OS please?
hugs kitty


by kitty2011 08 Jul 2012

Thank you cuties., I will look further into it.

I thought at one stage there was someone on here that used embird on mac.

Still in the process or sorting my laptop (after it crashed)
I have managed to put embird back on, but not the extra plug-ins like studio & iconizer !!!!

So will have to get that sorted first.

by lbrow 08 Jul 2012

Meg has given you the answer you needed. They are not hard to get info you desire from them. Very helpful in all ways/Lillian

by meganne 08 Jul 2012

Hi Kitty I think you be better off contacting the Balara's directly for the best answer to this question.

They are very helpful people and will give you the most up to date answer .
hugs n blessings, Meganne

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lbrow by lbrow 08 Jul 2012

Right on top of it my friend. Right to the horses mouth is the best place to go/Lillian

by ansalu 08 Jul 2012

Hello Kitty
as I know it you cannot run embird on a mac. I have an iMac and use Parallels to work with embird. Maybe nowerdays they have a version for apple but 4 years ago when I've bought it they told me that there would not enough demand.
Greetings, Bettina