by drro 05 Jul 2012

I have a question about cutting out your fabric squares for quilts: How do you do it? :>)

1-DO you have the simplicity cutting machine?
2- DO you have the AccuQuilt device?
3- do you use the mat and cutting wheel?
4--Do you use scissors...regular or electric?
5- Do you rip on the grain?
Ok, What do you have, and Why do you like it...or what would you like to have? Thanks in advance:>) Hugs and God Bless!!


by lani02 07 Jul 2012

I use a rotary cutter and mat and cut strips 1/2 inch larger than my finished block. Then cut again if I need a square. But usually I cut strips sew them together and cut again instead of sewing square by square. This goes much faster.

by cooperal 07 Jul 2012

No. 3 is the way I learned when I took a beginner's quilting class so I stay with that process.

by blueeyedblonde 06 Jul 2012

I've never done much quilting, but I've only used a pattern piece I made and scissors. I now have a small cutting mat and a rotary cutter.

by alexgrandma 06 Jul 2012

I use the amt and cutting wheel. I am thinking about the Silhoullete..

by rsehorse 06 Jul 2012

Ialways press the fabric, then use a mat, ruler and rotery cutter. Gives a good clean, straight cut.

by berny 06 Jul 2012

I rip for straight grain,then use mat and rotary cutter,regular scissors,I have simplicity machine but have not used yet.Accuquilt would have been handy for the quilt I have just done not finished yet.

by bokkieborduur 06 Jul 2012

I use a ruler and scissors to cut the quilt blocks that I use. Hugs Marie

by pldc 06 Jul 2012

I do a fair bit of quilting & I usethe Accu-Baby-Go that makes perfect 2.5 inch strips which I use for binding all of my quilts & various other projects too! as well as a mat & rotary cutter & I invest in rulers all the time I just got a new one yesterday called a twister & I can't wait to try it out! #4 I use scissors for applique projects & I only tear away the salvage edge not on the fabric. Hope this helps Rosalie & good luck Hugs Loralye

by mpatterson 06 Jul 2012

I use the rotary cutter and mat but I remember my mother cutting with sissors around a piece of material held over a pattern cut out of cardboard. Boy, I wouldn't get much done if I had to do it that way !!

janetedna by janetedna 06 Jul 2012

This is called English Patchwork and was all done by hand, very time-consuming. I have a large unfinished piece done by my Mum in the sixties. Jan

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 06 Jul 2012

That's probably why it's unfinished :-) Are you going to complete it for her??

janetedna by janetedna 07 Jul 2012

No, I just look at it when I come across it and remember. Jan

by hightechgrammy 06 Jul 2012

Hi Ro, I too, use the mat, rulers and rotary cutter. I love cutting this way. The only time I rip is with woven stripes, and that is just to get a straight edge - then I rotary cut that too. I believe rotary cutting is the single most improvement in quilting since quilting began - right up there with the sewing machine! I'd love to know about the AccuQuilt device - what is it?? happy cutting! Jan

by biddysews 06 Jul 2012

I use a mat and ruler and rotery cutter if i am embroidering on the piece i do that first then cut or rough cut a little larger embroider then trim to some designs can pull the material in some .

by graciegirl 06 Jul 2012

I use a mat, ruler, and cutting blade and scissors. I would use other things if I could afford to own them.

by pcteddyb 06 Jul 2012

Mat, ruler, and cutting wheel. I would like to have an accuquilt but I just can't justify the expense.

by bevgrift 06 Jul 2012

I use mat and Rulers with rotary cutter.
I did invest in some fancy rulers to measure flying geese and others too.
I never rip, it is such a waste of fabric. You can never sew close to where the stretched rip is. Sometimes it distorts the fabric badly and the print is not even exactly on the grain either. Try to do a rolled hem for sheets after it is ripped,it does not work well. I fold and square off the edge as best I can.
Happy Stitching!

by dollygk 06 Jul 2012

I could NEVER tear to find the grain, it would mess up the edge too much he he Have you ever pulled threads to make a fringe?, a favorite past time of mine is to pull threads and watch the pile of waste thread building and I continue until the thread shows the straight of grain, silly hugh!
I use a mat and rottery cutter but my sister hates them and cuts freehand, but then she's always made squares and rectangles.

by janetedna 06 Jul 2012

I use a rotary cutter, mat and June Taylor Shape Cut Plus from Nancy's Notions. This has grooves for the blade and makes it much easier on my hands. Jan

by pinon 06 Jul 2012

I use a cutting mat, a ruler and a rotary cutter, for me it's accurate and fast.

by justonlyme 06 Jul 2012

I use a cutting mat, rotary blade and a ruler. It is the most accurate way of doing it without spending so much on gadgets. Scissors would work, but they are not quite as accurate or fast as a rotary blade. There are tutorials on using a rotary blade and templates for extreme accuracy. Do a little searching and watch some videos.

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justonlyme by justonlyme 06 Jul 2012

PS: I've always been told "do not rip fabric", as it stretches and distorts it. You might have a disappointing finished product.

by mops Moderator 06 Jul 2012

A cutting mat, a ruler and a rotary blade is what I use.

by draco 06 Jul 2012

I cut with a mat and rotary blade.

by bumblebee 05 Jul 2012

I just started quilting rag quilts for Uganda. My first I cut by hand with ruler and scissors. Yuk

Second, I used a mat ruler and rotary cutter Okay

Third, I made doll quilts with a cutting die hearts from accuquilt and a square scallopcutting die for scrapbooking using my cuttlebugthat I shimmied to work with the die and LOVED IT!

I have limited funds so I make do but if I could I would get more cutting dies and an accuquilt.

I think old timer quilters get great cuts too but I hate cutting fabric and love the accuracy of dies but I think there is more fabric waste.

So basically its how much $$ do you have to play and how much quilting do you do.
Hope it helps a bit
Linda aka Bumblebee

berny by berny 07 Jul 2012

What do you do with the cuttle bug,I have one and was told could use with fabric but need the die's to try

bumblebee by bumblebee 07 Jul 2012

So long as the cutting die can fit width wise in the cuttlebug I have to play with my plates and matts to make dies from different companies to work. So far I've only used accuquilt hearts dies and one square scallop die. It worked great. I went to utube and found several videos on the cuttlebug and using different dies and how to make the correct sandwich. I can never remember in my head how it goes.

bumblebee by bumblebee 07 Jul 2012 and searched cuttlebug and cutting dies and got several videos showing how to use other dies and how to sandwich it all together.

bumblebee by bumblebee 07 Jul 2012

I learn a lot on utube The video that opened my eyes was for a raggy purse using the square scallop cut die from stampin up Sizzix Big shot die and did it on my cuttlebug.

bumblebee by bumblebee 07 Jul 2012

and I think I used a rubber mat shimmer but I accidently ruined it so can't remember the name of it.

by noah 05 Jul 2012

I use a mat and a cutting wheel .I tare my stripes then i use the ruler and cutter .I love Elnor Burns Quilting ideas .I bought most of her books and have made most of them to hugs

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drro by drro 05 Jul 2012

I was taught by a folk quilter 35 years ago to tear for the grain & make a paper pattern, trace & cut! It was a lot of work! The mat & wheel are now a big help. Thanks for your help! These new gadgets sound nifty:>) Hugs and blessings!!

by pennifold 05 Jul 2012

I only have the Self-healing mats and Rotary cutters. I've survived for over 25 years with just scissors and these things. I like the sound of the AccuQuilt device sounds like a great thing to have as a quilter. Love and blessings Chris

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drro by drro 05 Jul 2012

Thanks so much! I too cut with a mat, but also rip for the grain. I am curious if these modern inventions are a big boon! Hugs & Blessings to you @;>)

by jrob Moderator 05 Jul 2012

I use a mat and cutting wheel. I feel it gives me better measurements. And by better, I mean perfect. I have the accuquilt, too. Correct cutting and an exact 1/4" seam makes your quilting life so much easier. ;)

pennifold by pennifold 05 Jul 2012

Love your new avatar Jerrilyn - the twins look great there. Love Chris

drro by drro 05 Jul 2012

Thanks so much!! I am trying to decide on something to make cutting out easier and faster:>)