by bunnyhop 02 Jul 2012

my friend is going to america to vist family not sure were abouts but i have asked her if she would bring me some fabric back with her. their is so little choice here in the uk well in my area that this. i was wondering if anybody could give me any ideas as to what to ask her to bring me back. i mainly like baby / children and cottage styled fabric.


by mumzyfarm 03 Jul 2012

Certain wal mart department stores here in the southeast have a large fabric department and the fabric is reasonably priced and also Hancock fabrics is another very reasonable prices Joann fabrics has nice fabrics also although not as reasonably priced as the others.

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Jul 2012

Have sent you a PM

by 1sewnsew 03 Jul 2012

You could shop online before hand and then share pictures with her of what to look for.

by rachap 02 Jul 2012

If these stores are in the area where the friend lives perhaps the friend could sign up on line with Joanne Fabrics and Hancock fabrics and get some coupons to use as they usually have a % off offer.

pennyhal by pennyhal 03 Jul 2012

I don't know about Joann's in other states, but here where I live in California, they send out coupons in the Sunday newspaper...and they put the same coupons in a stack by the door for people to pick up on their way in! I forgot my coupons at home yesterday, so when I walked in the door, I just picked up my 40% off coupon, and my 15% off entire purchase coupon at the door!

pennyhal by pennyhal 03 Jul 2012

yesterday, so when I walked in the door, I just picked up my 40% off coupon, and my 15% off entire purchase coupon at the door!

mumzyfarm by mumzyfarm 03 Jul 2012

joann's has stopped putting the coupons inside the door here in the southeast you have to bring in the ones you get in the mail or printout on the computer I don't know whether they plan to do it thru out the us or not.

by noah 02 Jul 2012

boy i wonder what it would cost for me to send you some from canada??hugs

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 02 Jul 2012

i think it would cost a packet to send to the uk. i don't mind paying postage long as i get what i'm after. my uncle ( who has passed away) bred race horses in canada??

by zoefzoef 02 Jul 2012

I would go for the company who can "create" bigger hoops for your machine. The link was posted a while ago...and of course now I can't find it anymore :-( Maybe an other cutie can help ? I'm dreaming about a bigger hoop since then, but the shipping costs don't seem worth it. But if I would go to Usa, I'm would bring it with me

by cherylgauteng 02 Jul 2012

Here is the link that I said that I could not get earlier. This in also an excellent website and has beautiful fabrics. These are perfectly safe to order from on the Internet.

by pennyhal 02 Jul 2012

I'd be sure to give her guidelines as to how much to spend per yard and how many yards to buy of any one fabric. Fabrics in the quilting stores near me run $7-$14 a yard. A lot of airlines here are charging for luggage and if you bring more than one suitcase, some airlines charge $$$ more for the second suitcase too. Also, if the suitcase weighs more than 50 pounds, they charge more for it. Also they are limiting people to one carryon too, so a second carryon will have to be paid for as a second piece of luggage. So if you are expecting her to bring you several yards of fabric, you need to discuss with her about sharing costs for luggage if you are expecting several yards of fabric and that causes her extra luggage expense. Depends on her airline.

debleerl by debleerl 02 Jul 2012

Good advice*

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 02 Jul 2012

You are absolutely right

by hightechgrammy 02 Jul 2012

How fun for you! You can expect to pay for cotton fabric - anywhere from $3 a yard up to $12 per yard for the really nice quality quilting fabrics. I buy some of my fabrics from Wal-Mart. You do need to be selective for thread count, but some of their fabrics are truly wonderful. Only about half of the Walmarts still have fabric departments. They have fat quarters for just $1. Joann's has more fabric of course, and great sales and discount coupons. Be sure to have your friend get a coupon before shopping there - sometimes they will give you what they have at the front register - ask for one before she shops. Then there are many independently owned fabric and quilt shops. You will find the nicer brands at these. Moda, Blank, and all the other rich colored, nice fabrics that generally hold their size, shape and color much longer. The price of cotton, which is a commodity, has risen sharply in the past couple of years. Almost every store has a clearance sale too. She'll have a lot of fun shopping for you! Lots and lots of adorable baby and children fabrics at all the stores!

by dollygk 02 Jul 2012

Another idea, you could ask her to send you photos of what she sees and you can pick!! Isn't the internet wonderful!!

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dollygk by dollygk 02 Jul 2012

And Jo-Ann's have quite a choice for baby and childrens fabric!

by edithfarminer 02 Jul 2012

Look for supply on the internet if nothing near you.
I have done so here in the UK. there is a huge choice and you can pick someting to suit whatever you are making. Also on EBAY - UK are all sort of material suppliers.I know you must pay postage and I know that has just gone up, but you save on petrol cost.

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 02 Jul 2012

i have bought some fabric of e-bay but their isn't much choice and you have to bid for the best one's. the main web site i normaly buy off hasn't had any new or exciting designs and don't do panels or baby stuff.

by greysewist Moderator 02 Jul 2012

I'd imagine she would need to know what types of things you prefer to make, then pick up fabrics suitable for those.

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greysewist by greysewist 02 Jul 2012

Weight might also be an issue if it's going into her luggage. Polar fleece would be a lot lighter than insulated curtaining!

by cherylgauteng 02 Jul 2012

Why do you not order fabric on the Internet ? We have little to no choice in South Africa and I have been buying that way for about 8 years. I have never lost a parcel - had to pay import duty though. The total price including duty and shipping still works out to approx half of the price that we pay here and I have all of the choices that I could want !! I pay by credit card and have never had any problems with that either.
I am going to give you a link to the best one. Another good site is Keepsake but cannot seem to get through at the moment.

by sdrise 02 Jul 2012

If your friend can visit Joanne's fabrics or hobby lobby depends which state your friend is going to what they have. Suzanne

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gerryb by gerryb 02 Jul 2012

Both have sales going on all the time. The Sunday paper has a coupon for any cut of fabric that's not on sale.