by stork 29 Jun 2012

After reading (& laughing) at ramona's post a question occurred to many yards of fabric to you have? Do you separate the different fabrics....quilting, crafts, clothing, etc?


by blueeyedblonde 30 Jun 2012

I have quite a stash, but Ramona beats me! Wish mine was as organized. Would be nice to have more room ro at least get it sorted and then put it away properly.

by hightechgrammy 30 Jun 2012

I really think there is something about the pharamones! My fabric makes me feel good! I love to spend time in my sewing room and re-sort my stash. I have way too many plans for projects - but I do gather for a few months before actually cutting any fabric. It's all the quilt fabrics that pull me right in - and I love novelty fabrics too. I have a whole stack of upholstery samples that make great pillows. I took photos at the quilt store today and it was packed with other ladies just as hooked on fabric as I am. Why is fabric so exciting??? This is the flannel section, with some minky fabrics too.

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stork by stork 30 Jun 2012

These are just the flannels at the shop? Wow how exciting. What selection of quilting cottons do they have? Where is this heavenly place? Drool.....

by hightechgrammy 30 Jun 2012

This is incredible! I thought I had a lot of fabric. I only have 1-2 yards at the most of any fabric. I always buy at least half a yard, with some fat quarters thrown in there too. Ramona - that is unbelievable! It makes me drool just looking at your stash!

by greysewist Moderator 30 Jun 2012

How on earth would I know, LOL. I do have lots in plastic tubs in at least a couple of rooms and also out in my caravan, but it's not all fabric. I also 'collect' towels, facewashers, tea towels etc on which to embroider. It's probably a good thing I don't have a huge house!

by kitty2011 29 Jun 2012

OMG... Romona !!!! How delightful.

You have more fabric (& it's so much better laid out) than our closest fabric shop.

I love how it's mostly colour coded.
hugs kitty.

by cfidl 29 Jun 2012

My categories are Quilt/ME, Fleece/fakefur, Felt, Poly, canvas/corduroy, specialities(velvet, satin, organza, lamae), silk, wool and HomeDec. Between me and my D! She can everything except the quilt/ME --- OK I am willing to share... she has more expensive fabrics more cotton knits. Now they have stretch Lamae! Here is a link!

by stork 29 Jun 2012

Hey Ramona, I think you have a store!!!! I believe the many of us will agree. I would love to come to your place to "shop". It is amazing how much we can "collect" over the years, months, weeks and yes, even days. Just think, we are keeping wonderful and exciting rainbows in our homes. :o)

by sewdoctor 29 Jun 2012

Well I don't feel so bad about mine now....looks like I have "sisters" in crime...I have about 10,000 yd of fabric (+or - a few thousand) and yes I do have it kinda seperated..flannel,,,cottons, fleece, suitings, wool, upholstery, drapery,, and KNITS!

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janetedna by janetedna 29 Jun 2012

Blinking Heck! Jan

by bevintex 29 Jun 2012

I don't have half as much a some of you but I always have room for more.

by pennyhal 29 Jun 2012

Don't ask. Don't tell.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 30 Jun 2012


by anabela 29 Jun 2012

Hello , I have many yards of cotton fabric and yes I do separate them by colores

by bonnetgirl 29 Jun 2012

Well your stash beat mine...I only have 2 large bins and 1 extra large bin with mostly cotton fabric and large full of polar fleese.
Hugs Joann

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 29 Jun 2012

forgot they are all folded neatly the same so I can turn the bin up and lay on top of each other according to color.

by jmweller 29 Jun 2012

To be honest, I'm afraid to count. I currently have 7 large shelves overflowing and much more stacked on boxes. My sister came over one day and saw all of it and her comment was: "Okay, you win."
(I didn't know we were competing!)

by ramona 29 Jun 2012

Too many to count. I do have the quilt fabric separated from the clothing. The craft fabric is just blended in with everything else. Gotta share a picture. This does not included what is in bins/boxes. It's a mess right now as I have several projects going.

april22 by april22 29 Jun 2012

hey ramona, it looks so cozy, I'll drink a cup of coffee with you okay!!

asterixsew by asterixsew 29 Jun 2012

Well I dont have that much, must show this picture to my husband, he now has no reason to complain. Ramona you have a most impressive fabric hord.

anabela by anabela 29 Jun 2012

That´s a good idea asterixsew, my housband asks every time when I by a new fabric the same: What for?

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 29 Jun 2012

Okay - seems like a small fabric store to me.... I am impressed - and I will show my DH too - he thinks I have a LOT (not)!

janetedna by janetedna 29 Jun 2012

That's what I thought! there's no way I could buy bolts of fabric at our UK prices but would love to give it a try. Jan

ramona by ramona 29 Jun 2012

My stash started when I knew we were going to retire in the country and the nearest shops are an 1 to 1 1/2 hrs away. I've just built on that retirement stash. Not a small store just my stash.

ramona by ramona 29 Jun 2012

April22, Come on in anytime and sit and visit....bring your machine too!

cfidl by cfidl 29 Jun 2012

Fantastic Stash! Happy Stitchin!

drro by drro 29 Jun 2012

Wow! I am impressed! Thanks for sharing:>)

greysewist by greysewist 30 Jun 2012

I sure would love to swap sewing rooms with you! Your collection looks fabulous and so tidy!

toogie by toogie 30 Jun 2012

I HAVE to show my husband and my oldest grandson.My g-son thinks I opened a fabric shop and my husband HATES me to go near fabric when he is with me.This is impressive-Toogie

by april22 29 Jun 2012

Yes, I sort the materials in different cabinets or drawers. That's more pleasant to work with, (you can not make mistake's!!!!!!!!!!!!

by stork 29 Jun 2012

Well, to answer my own post....I'm not sure how many hundreds of yards (yes) I have. I do separate them into different groups (or areas). I have about 12 very large tubs, excuse me, 13 very large tubs with clothing fabrics (this does not include what is shoved into a closet or dressers), I have shelves and drawers full of quilting fabrics for which I love to add to. If only my husband knew (not) just how much!!!! I have way too much but I have a love for fabrics, especially batiks and I also LOVE sales. Yeah! There I confessed....I feel ssoooooo much better. :O)

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ramona by ramona 29 Jun 2012

I have several bins as well but didn't get them in the picture. I don't really sew clothing these days. Just quilts and embroidery. I, too, love the batiks they have now days. They are beautiful. The ones they came out with in the beginning I didn't care for. Oh SALES!!!!! Yes, SALES!!! Love them too

by michemb 29 Jun 2012

Oh my god, I don't dare count, it will probably scare me to death. Just in the last month I have purchased around
60 meters, fabrics of all sorts.
Insane I know, I just can't hel myself.

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stork by stork 29 Jun 2012

Totally understand!

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Jun 2012

No idea but I am trying to have a sort out at the monent so I might just know later

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stork by stork 29 Jun 2012

I went through and cleaned my sewing room and moved the rest of my son's stuff out. I'm still not sure how much, but I did reorganize and go through the motions!