by edithfarminer 29 Jun 2012

I see on Yorikos site that she is in hospital. Please pray for her recovery and to send our love to her.


by mumzyfarm 01 Jul 2012

My prayers are with you

by airyfairy 01 Jul 2012

Best wishes to Yoriko. Get well soon. Sarah.

by drro 30 Jun 2012

She is in my prayers, Hugs and God Bless. cfidl posted in Public that Yoriko is out of the hospital.

by bumblebee 30 Jun 2012

Thank You for letting us know.

by lflanders 29 Jun 2012

Yoriko, I do hope that all goes well and you can return home very soon. Sure do hope it is not serious!!!! I will keep you in my prayers! Hugs and blessings, Linda

by cfidl 29 Jun 2012

Thank you for letting us know. My prayers are with her.

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cfidl by cfidl 29 Jun 2012

Here is the comment
1 days ago) rod said:
Yoriko is in hospital, she will update her website when she comes home, thanks for your patience.

by grandmamek 29 Jun 2012

Yoriko is a special lady. I will pray for her recovery. Hugs, Mary

by 02kar Moderator 29 Jun 2012

Please keep us informed. I know there are some Cuties who know Yoriko. My prayers are added for a wonderful lady.

by judybell 29 Jun 2012

Yoriko, lifting you up in prayer. Hugs, Judy

by hightechgrammy 29 Jun 2012

Yoriko, I hope and pray you will be back up and feeling well again. Hugs, Jan

by capoodle 29 Jun 2012

Sending prayers to her. Thank you for posting.

by cherylgauteng 29 Jun 2012

I send all of my love and good wishes to a special person !