by de105 27 Jun 2012

Help! Somehow my download screen is not comming up it's going under content I know It must be something I disabeled does anyone know how to fix this. I am using Vista. Thank You!


by justonlyme 27 Jun 2012

I will go ahead and answer what I think your problem is, so that you can get back on track. I hope this works.
Go to a browser page. My browser is Firefox, but all of them should work nearly the same.
Click on "tools" along your screen (file, edit, view,")
At the dropdown menu, select "options"
Once this box pops up, select the "general" tab.
Scroll down to the "downloads" section and you will find where it says "safe files to________ and then will have a "browse" button beside it.
What you will want to do is browse through your computer to find the folder where you want the files saved. Once you find it, select it, which will fill in the _____ space.
Then click "OK" or "apply", depending on your browser.
Then you should be good to go. Good luck!!!

danababes by danababes 27 Jun 2012

I use Firefox too, but prefer the option "always ask me where to save files". :) xXx

de105 by de105 27 Jun 2012

I will take a look at this later. Thank you !

by justonlyme 27 Jun 2012

Can I clarify something here? It is my understanding that your downloads folder has disappeared or something went wrong. Is that correct? If so, that is in your settings. If you reply and give me a few more details, then I can send a tutorial on getting things back to where they should be. It should take all of about 2 minutes to get it fixed if it is what I think it is. Good luck. I'll check back in a bit.

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de105 by de105 27 Jun 2012

Yes! I got a message web browser blocked this site from downloading but I always use this site click for options somehow the downloading icon came up and I panic and unchecked the little box in the lower left had corner of the downloading screen. I know it was me it dissapeared. The files go to Temporary Internet files folder & I just click the mouse & bring it over to downloads & it still works I just tried it. It's just not in the right spot. But it works. Thanks I hope this is clear.