by diamondfowler 26 Jun 2012

I live in central Fl and we were under tornadoe watch untill 11:pm to night and I took advantage of staying in and made 8 tissue covers for the Ronald Mc Donald house Tomorrow I will do pillow cases for the childrens cancer center at UF Shands hospital Diamond


by katydid 26 Jun 2012

I worry about the flooding in Florida. Hope you are safe!

by pamado506 26 Jun 2012

I'm in South FL, east coast and we finally had the sun break through today. We have all of you on the west coast in our prayers.

by cfidl 26 Jun 2012

Hope all is well with you today and you have power. Bless you for the work you do! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by blueeyedblonde 26 Jun 2012

At least for now you can do some of those things. Stay safe!

by maryanns66 26 Jun 2012

We lost power for the first time today, but it came back on in about an hour.
A young mother here in my area, but her little one survived and was flown to Tampa.
Stay Safe!
Hugs and *4U

by airyfairy 26 Jun 2012

Keep safe. Hugs Sarah.

by gerryb 26 Jun 2012

Pray you weathered the storm! And you go in the MIDST of a storm!! Sorta reminded me of GerryVB's though for today!! Enjoy the ride!

by rescuer Moderator 26 Jun 2012

When faced with an uncertain future and you realize there is nothing you can do at the moment to help yourself,isn't life grand when you find you CAN help somebody else?
May God bless you for your service to others especially when you stand in need of blessings yourself.

by lilylady 26 Jun 2012

A true sewer, world falling down around you and you think of the people that need. LOL

by sdrise 26 Jun 2012

What a wonderful project to do... I am sure they are appreciated. Suzanne

by graciegirl 26 Jun 2012

Keep safe and enjoy your projects.

by oigelcox 26 Jun 2012

Just saw Florida on our Australian news with the floods and tornado. Our prayers are with you . Keep safe. Hugs joyce

by bumblebee 26 Jun 2012

May you and your family stay safe. I see the weather
is preety nasty over there right now
Linda aka Bumblebee