by smburt 25 Jun 2012

I've read where its suggested to float a piece of stabilizer after hooping a piece. What does this mean exactly. I have to have pictures drawn I guess. Thanks Susan


by blueeyedblonde 26 Jun 2012

thanks for asking this - I was wondering too.

by pennyhal 26 Jun 2012

Some sites or experts will tell you that floating stabilizer is useless and doesn't help at all. Don't listen to them. I always have better results when I float stabilizers when needed.

by justsew 26 Jun 2012

Good question, we learn so much on Cuties.
Hugs Pam.

by airyfairy 26 Jun 2012

I see you have your answers. Good luck. Sarah.

by graciegirl 26 Jun 2012

thanks for asking

by bumblebee 26 Jun 2012

When a pattern calls for floating a piece of fabric, batting, stabilizer etc. It can be on top or below the hoop depending on instructions. I usually pin it the stabilizer or tape it to frame to keep it from moving around to much. Usually this is called for in ITH projects. Hope this helps.

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smburt by smburt 26 Jun 2012

Well I knew that I'd get the help I needed on here. I appreciate you all very much. Thanks Susan

by oigelcox 26 Jun 2012

You can float (PLACE)a piece of Stabilizer or fabric or mylar whatever the pattern calls for under or on top of the stabilizer in your hoop. Some batting is too thick to hoop so You are told to float it . Hope this helps. Hugs Joyce

smburt by smburt 26 Jun 2012

Okay, thank you, I'm going to try and get back to my Christmas tree skirts and I noticed the one or two puckered. So I read on something about floating. My designs are very dense.

marietta by marietta 26 Jun 2012

If a pattern is very dense, you usualy use thicker stabilizer, or float a extra piece under the piece you are using already.

meganne by meganne 27 Jun 2012

SMburt, sometimes designs will pucker if you use tearaway stabiliser, when you should be using cutaway stabiliser, or if you haven't kept the fabric TAUT in the hoop, which is the problem tearaway stabiliser can cause. Hugs n roses, Meganne

pennyhal by pennyhal 28 Jun 2012

Well, don't keep the fabric too tight in the hoop. If the fabric is stretched or very tight in the hoop, when it is taken out of the hoop, the fabric will spring back resulting in puckers.

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Jun 2012

Floating means to slip it under the frame. Maybe they call it floating because it is not hooped.

mops by mops 26 Jun 2012

or place it on top, like a piece of wss on top of a towel. I usually wet the corners slightly in the case of wss, or use pins or tape for mylar.

smburt by smburt 26 Jun 2012

The answers help and I'm anxious to try I really want the Christmas tree skirts to look nice.