by janetedna 25 Jun 2012

I have just found out how to move a whole alphabet to my dongle at once. Eureka! Jan


by linda8450 27 Jun 2012

I bet you are referring to a flash drive (usb stick) and not the dongle! The dongle doesn't store anything, it is the key to unlock your software (such as 3d, 5d, etc). To move a whole block of designs you can highlight all of them by holding down the shift key and dragging the mouse, or hold down control and click the individual ones out of a pack. Then copy and paste or cut and paste (in Viking software you cannot drag, you have to copy or cut and then go to the next folder, open it and then paste) Each software is different. But you can drag from your regular Windows or other operating systems' open window! Don't have to leave the folder, just have 2 windows open and drag from one to the other.

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janetedna by janetedna 27 Jun 2012

I thought it was the same thing! Just shows you how little I know and why I'd just rather sew. Jan

by graciegirl 26 Jun 2012

wonderful news

by janetedna 26 Jun 2012

Greysewist has the answer, BELOW, even if I didn't know that that was what I was doing! The block of designs was copied to My Designs (Janome) with a dongle in the computer, (sorry if that's obvious) It was my son who showed me and it will save so much time and patience. Jan

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greysewist by greysewist 26 Jun 2012

So glad to hear I got one right for a change, LOL. According to my children I know nothing! :)

by moyed 26 Jun 2012

Now you have more time for important things, like embroidery.
hugs Helen

by kitty2011 26 Jun 2012

Are you going to share?

by noah 25 Jun 2012

I was told that but never or don't know how lol hugs carolyn

by greysewist Moderator 25 Jun 2012

Did you do it in Windows Explorer, by just selecting the entire group of them and requesting your PC to 'Copy To', then telling it where to put them?

by 1sewnsew 25 Jun 2012

Great news.

by cfidl 25 Jun 2012

Yeah! Not sure what you mean... please tell me what software you are using so I can tell if I will need to learn it also. I am using 3D. Thanks

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mops by mops 26 Jun 2012

In 3D you can use Accessories, USB reader/writer or floppy drive.
Or you could use Windows Explorer, select the designs you want to transfer to a flash drive and drag them to a file you want them in (or use copy and paste).

by 02kar Moderator 25 Jun 2012

Kudoes to You! Isn't it fun when you learn a new skill!

by oigelcox 25 Jun 2012

Good for you well done. Hugs Joyce

by marjialexa Moderator 25 Jun 2012

Good for you! Sometimes it's the simple things that make us so happy.....hugs, Marji