by bevgrift 23 Jun 2012

I have found this link to aquafim, The hot water laudry bags:

For South African Cuties in KwaZulu Natal the bags are available R15,00 per bag (about refuse size)from
Gori knit and Sew Center
Kings Road
Tel. 0317013893


by sarahrose 30 Jun 2012

Why not just use WSS (water soluable stablizer) that is made for emboriery?

pennyhal by pennyhal 30 Jun 2012

Well, for one product they do use a washaway. But these are bags for sanitary purposes. Perhaps for use like in a nursing home where people put thier dirty clothes in a bag and the staff washes their clothes for them. That way the staff doesn't have to touch the clothes that might be contaminated in some way. They just put the whole bag in the washing machine, the bag dissolves, and then they can take the clean clothes out. They are probably a heavier product than what we use too.

pennyhal by pennyhal 30 Jun 2012

touch the clothes that might be contaminated some way. They just throw the bag in the wash, the bag dissolves, and the clean clothes can be handled safely. The product is probably heavier than what we use.

by marthie 30 Jun 2012

Good for you. A little over priced I would say

by lizvdmerwe 23 Jun 2012

Thanx for the info. Will be contacting her

by susiesembroidery 23 Jun 2012

I know Gori. She is a fantastic person and I have had some very nice classes in embroidery and sewing with her. Thanks for reminding me about her, because I have not been there for 2 years due to illness. Will definately be going this week. Thanks so much for sharing.*****

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bevgrift by bevgrift 23 Jun 2012

Yes saw her today for sew club.
She will be at the House and Garden show