by pcteddyb 22 Jun 2012

I have a design that I picked up as a freebie. It had a wreath around it and I used my Embird Basic to keep only the word. The problem is that it also kept one of the accent dots from the original design (after it sews the Joy). Is there a way to take it out using Embird Basic? I know I can stop the sewout before it goes there but it would be very helpful for it not to be there in the beginning. Appreciate your guidance.


by dragonflyer 22 Jun 2012

Yes, you can delete the "dot"...use the Freehand Select tool, click totally around the dot and then double click..enclosed dot should turn red...Right Click and select "Split"..this will split the dot from the design (you should see two design elements now in the color box. Make sure "dot" is selected.. Go to the "dot" picture in the color box and right click over the opens click "delete"..should do it!

greysewist by greysewist 22 Jun 2012

Very helpful answer, thanks. I have Embird but don't use it enough to know it. I prefer to stick with my Janome Digitizer program :)

meganne by meganne 23 Jun 2012

Great answer and easy to follow.
If I may add, for those who aren't aware... you need to do this in Embird Editor not Manager.
Embird Editor is a very powerful tool and unless you actually want to digitise you don't need Studio.

spendlove by spendlove 23 Jun 2012

Thanks very much for this explanation!

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 23 Jun 2012

Thank YOU SO MUCH! It worked perfectly (and I have had other times I wanted to do things like this too!).

by anabela 22 Jun 2012

I use "My editor 5.0" it´s free download

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pcteddyb by pcteddyb 23 Jun 2012

Thank you - I will take a look at it.

by spendlove Moderator 22 Jun 2012

I don't think you could do it without Studio. You may just have to stop your machine when it comes to that part.

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pcteddyb by pcteddyb 23 Jun 2012

Thank you for your response - hoping to get Studio someday - you are doing great with all of your work there!