by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

What do you do if your sweet hubby tell you that... "upps! I delete your entire external drive", where you have a lot of important things and a lot of designs. Do you know, if any way, how to recovered the data?


by naven 20 Jun 2012

Yes it is possible, donot worry i had recovered my 20 GB data which i had lost.You can many recovery tools, but rememeber one thing try to recovery the data as soon as possible.The more the time you will take the less the data you will recover

and donot save the recovered data in the smae drive because it will over write the data so to recover the data you must have enough space to save.i had used the following software for the recovery.

by lenamae 20 Jun 2012

My computer crashed and I took it to the shop they recovered all my files except onw I had it named blank folder and they did not try to recover that one it had all the designs I use the most in it so from now on I will name my folders.I mess up some times and my son goes in to my pc and put's it back to the day before I goffrd it up and every thing goes right bacm to where it was. for him to delete your external drive he would have to bring it up and erase every thing off it.have him check and see if they are still om it.

by oigelcox 20 Jun 2012

This is why I have my own computer. My DH is under threat of death if he comes anywhere near it . I had my computer years before he even wanted one so I said get your own you are not using mine and so he did. So it makes for a Happy Household. Hugs Joyce

by lucypiwow 19 Jun 2012


by noah 19 Jun 2012

oh no !!!will pray things work out for you !!!hugs

by softhearted1 19 Jun 2012

Hope you can recover everything :)

by 1ladyb 19 Jun 2012

If it's your external drive that shouldn't be a problem. The info should all still be on the internal drive in the computer. Just put it back on the external drive. I assume the external is for your backup, right?

by shirlener88 19 Jun 2012

I hope your husband is recovery well - mine would be in the hospital for sure over something like that. Hehehe!

By now - you know if you have recovered everything - I hope so - I will pray for you and your hubby.

by alexgrandma 19 Jun 2012

My husband's answer was LEAVE NOW!! We have 3 back ups for all the important stuff.. We have our computers, our external hard drive that backs up every night and dropbox for the just in case.. We live in Florida and we have hurricanes so the extra dropbox is for piece of minds.

by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

He feel ashamed because I told the cuties about what he did.

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rescuer by rescuer 19 Jun 2012

Awe... Everyone makes mistakes. As long as he is willing to pay someone to fix it -- all should be well.

by maleah 19 Jun 2012

My husband is the "computer wiz", I on the other hand and the one who can screw it up in a flash. He has told me to put all docupments on the computer or "safe keeping"...I have been gathering pictures from the family, scanning them-sending back the originals.... Needless to say, somehow, DH got into my computer (as we have 2) and wiped out ALL my documents. I was so upsent, I cried until my throat was sore. Then, I realized that I am healthy, and all is just material things.

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

You get a good point to think. Really thanks.

by ansalu 19 Jun 2012

He is still alive? Wow yo really love him ;o)
Think the idea with the data-rescue-specialists is the best idea (bill to him?).
My husband has made an up-date on my mac and now most of my folders with embroideryfiles look like a thunderstorm was going through them (before tehy stood in rows like tin-soldiers in my special system!). Will need until winter to bring them all back in the right track :o(
Greetings, Bettina

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

Yes, he woke up in the morning as fresh as a lettuce. Thanks, Bettina.

by bevgrift 19 Jun 2012

Clobber him!
Hope all can be saved.
Hugs Bev

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

Can I? Ha,ha,ha.

by joann13100 18 Jun 2012

There's a free program called recuva that you can use to try and recover as many of the files as possible.

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012


by justonlyme 18 Jun 2012

Yes, the data is recoverable IF he didn't delete it twice. But don't turn the hard drive back on again till you are ready to start the recovery process. There are programs that will help you recover MOST of the data. If you aren't comfortable doing it, then contact a computer recovery person. My son has worked wonders for me, but he is gone on a long trip, so I cannot even consult him. Good luck.

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

I'll check what happend, thanks a lot.

by kitty2011 18 Jun 2012

Oh dear.. I just want to wish you luck & send calming hugs your way. hugs kitty

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

Thank you so much.

by sewfrenzie 18 Jun 2012

My computer was acting up and decided to delete a bunch of photo's of my husbands. I tried to recover them myself, as I thought I was computer savey enough to do so. I strongly suggest you take it to someone who is trained in computer recovery. I never did get those photo's back. :(

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darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

I'm think is the best way. Thanks.

by pennyhal 18 Jun 2012

Your post is a cautionary tale for us. A virus can delete data on an external drive as well whenever it is connected to your computer. So you should disconnect it after you have saved your files to it. As others have advised before me, consider taking it to professionals first, before trying to do it yourself!

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darenluan by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

Ok, thank you.

by bokkieborduur 18 Jun 2012

I hope you can recover all your important things on your external drive. Hugs Marie

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darenluan by darenluan 18 Jun 2012


by rescuer Moderator 18 Jun 2012

Before you begin, make sure you are comfortable with computers. If there are any files that you MUST have you should contact a professional data recovery company just as pcteddyb suggested. If you have hundreds or thousands of dollars invested in the data stored on the drive, PLEASE consider paying a reputable company for the recovery.
Free undelete software has about a 97% recovery rate.
Because this is an entire drive, it could take many hours to recover the data. Don't unplug the drive or turn off your computer during the recovery.
If you wish to do it free and on your own download from the link and here are some basic instructions.

Select a drive in the drop-down menu and click Scan to list everything > tick Filename > Recover to retrieve every deleted file. You will have to do this for every file you want to recover.

Try the free Recuva program from here

rescuer by rescuer 18 Jun 2012

You may want to sign up for a service like Dropbox as a secondary back-up. Please let us know how things go for you.

alexgrandma by alexgrandma 18 Jun 2012

I use dropbox!

darenluan by darenluan 19 Jun 2012

Thanks for your help and for the time you spent in this issue.((()))

rescuer by rescuer 19 Jun 2012

I love helping Cuties! They have helped my so much over the last 4+ years even if I didn't have a lot of time to spend here. Now, I will help where I can -- while I have time.

by pcteddyb 18 Jun 2012

There are also companies (at least in the US) that offer the service of recovering deleted data. I know the name of one of them is "Data Doctors". NOTE: The more things you try to do to get it back the harder it will be if they fail (because they may change things in such a way that they are not recoverable). I suggest you read about and really understand any free tools you wish to try before starting the process.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 18 Jun 2012

Sorry, hit enter too soon...

Good Luck to you.

darenluan by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

Thanks for the information.

by muflotex 18 Jun 2012

8-) don't do anything stupid...keep calm and "cute" on, help is on the way - xox

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darenluan by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

Thanks, I didn't tell anything to him, I just take a deep breath.....

by rescuer Moderator 18 Jun 2012

Yes, as long as you haven't messed with should be able to recover it all. Let me look up a free program to run on it...hang on!

rescuer by rescuer 18 Jun 2012

What operating system do you have? Is it XP or Vista or Windows 7 do you know?

darenluan by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

Windows XP

rescuer by rescuer 18 Jun 2012

I will post basic instrutions and a link to software in a seperate comment so the link will show. If you are not comfortable with computers, send me a PM and I will try to help another way.

darenluan by darenluan 18 Jun 2012

I'll appreciate your help. Thanks.