by nualaa 15 Jun 2012

Hi Cuties, Hope you can help a tired old mind where I might have seen a pattern for a carry case for threads. It had 3 rows of clear plastic pocket with zips and a pocket at top and bottom for needles etc. I thought I had book marked it but can't find. Would anyone remember seeing something like this. It held about 30 spools of thread.

Thank you all for all your helpl


by shirlener88 15 Jun 2012

Great project - hope to see it soon in PROJECTS. I use the big spools - so this wouldn't work for me.

by berny 15 Jun 2012

Thank you very much for that,will do when I am organized,

by nualaa 15 Jun 2012

I have just found what I was looking for. Here is the link. I saw a lady with one this evening and she had a strip of fabric sewn into the seams just below the zipper and she had pulled the thread thru the fabric with a needle and left a little hanging on the outside. Then when she need some of that colour she pust pulled out the lenght she need, cut it and left a tail hanging again. She had put a pocket at the bottom and a some batting in a little book at the top to hold needles. Will have to make one and post a picture. Hope the link works.

nualaa by nualaa 15 Jun 2012

Forgot to mention, it is in Issue 12 on page 16.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 15 Jun 2012

Yes, please make one and post it in PROJECTS.