by drro 11 Jun 2012

Oh Boy! I received a package today, well ahead of my birthday! Thank you Secret Sis! I am really anxious to open it, but I will be a good girl and wait until June 28! I pried open one fold of the mailing box, and saw the "Happy Birthday" written on a pink envelope! Hence I know it is this special package! THANKS AGAIN to my Secret Sis! Your package has arrived! hugs, rosalie, aka, drro


by cfidl 13 Jun 2012

I have no will power, I do not know if I could wait. Happy Birthday! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by castelyn 13 Jun 2012

Rosalie, that will be great news for your SS to know that you have received your gift. Will look out for the picture on your Birthday. Hugs Yvonne

by noah 13 Jun 2012

well waiting is a good thing lol hugs

by spendlove Moderator 13 Jun 2012

So long to wait!

by sewdeb 13 Jun 2012

Wow! I admire your willpower! I think I would have torn into that baby as soon as I got it into the house! LOL Happy Early Birthday! Looking forward to the pictures.

by shirlener88 12 Jun 2012

Rosalie, how very wonderful for you - that you have already received your birthday gift from you Secret Sister - I bet she will be thrilled to know your package arrived. Can't wait to view your photo's on your birthday.

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drro by drro 12 Jun 2012

I will be sure to post the pictures! This is such a fun idea Sue started for us! Hugs to you until then:>)

by zoefzoef 12 Jun 2012

Great ! Hope you can waiy that long. Don 't forget to post pictures !

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drro by drro 12 Jun 2012

It will be hard to wait that long, but my Hubby is keeping an eye on me and the package!;>) He knows me oh so well! Hugs to you and I will post the pictures!

by pldc 11 Jun 2012

well it will be like waiting for Christmas, & I can feel your excitement Rosalie as I`m sure there is something wonderful inside JUST FOR YOU!Hugs Loralye

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drro by drro 12 Jun 2012

It was always hare for me as a child to wait for Christmas....and it still is! :>)Thanks and hugs to you too!!

by christracey 11 Jun 2012

OOH how exciting for you. I look forward to seeing photos of your gift as my birthday is the same

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drro by drro 12 Jun 2012

It is exciting...& my curiosity will increase each day until then! I have a lot of sewing to do until maybe my fingers will be fully occupied &stay away from the BOX!! Hugs & I will post Pictures!