by danababes 11 Jun 2012

Recently someone was looking for My Little Pony designs, well today's freebie is a very similar little phony set at emb7. :) xXx


by olds 16 Jun 2012

I have just been to I was
looking for the peas in a pod. Well it was the wrong
format for me. However they also had a free pony. I
was looking at the apron/bib in projects. I am trying to get the pattern with the extra material on the back. Maureen

by sukira 15 Jun 2012

Thank you.

by aussiequilter 15 Jun 2012

I started to embroider these designs today , they turn out very nice

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danababes by danababes 15 Jun 2012

Oh this is good news as I have a plan for them too (a quilt for my daughter). Thanks for letting us know :) xXx

by blueeyedblonde 12 Jun 2012

Thanks - they are so cute!

by ktponygal 12 Jun 2012

Lovw them thanks for the link :)

by oigelcox 12 Jun 2012

Thank you for the link. My little GD will love these. Hugs Joyce

by justonlyme 11 Jun 2012

I was just going to post the same thing. Good thing you beat me to it, so folks would have the opportunity to get it while it is still available!!

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danababes by danababes 12 Jun 2012

heh sorry :)

by highlandermom 11 Jun 2012

Thank you

by buffy1 11 Jun 2012

Thank you

by momhome 11 Jun 2012

Thank you. I almost missed seeing this since it was here and not in freebies. I don't always have time to go to this board since it is summertime and we are in the field so much. I can see lots of places I can use this.

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danababes by danababes 12 Jun 2012

I posted the msg here because I knew someone was looking for them but couldn't remember who, figuring she might see it :)

by ablanton 11 Jun 2012

Thank you I was the one looking for My Pony

danababes by danababes 12 Jun 2012

Ohhhh good I'm glad you got them. Even thought I couldn't remember your name I hoped you'd see this post :) xXx

danababes by danababes 12 Jun 2012

sheesh if only I could spell, lol .. I meant "though" not thought oh and I've just realised I wrote phony not pony .. man-o-man lol phony ponies :)

danababes by danababes 12 Jun 2012

flowers for all, and I'm glad you were all able to get them too :) xXx

by aussiequilter 11 Jun 2012

Thank you very much, they are real cute

by pldc 11 Jun 2012