by viki 11 Jun 2012

Not new just trying to start over after a big loss that rocked my world! I am now on lots of meds and have a lot of problems understanding things now!! I have an older commercial machine and my software is out of date they want lots to update it, What i really need is to just add things add names ect... have no desire to do any more brain cant handle it please does any one know of an inexpensive program that will do multi designs add names ect??? please i really need to work again. thank you and god bless Viki



by anangel 12 Jun 2012

Viki, I do not know if this is any solution to what you are asking, but I have an "06 commercial machine, and I use our old computer Windows XP, along with Embird basic, to work with designs and send them to the machine. I am not a computer whiz, just seem to somehow push the right button. I love my Embird program. Just the basic program has a lot of useful features!

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viki by viki 13 Jun 2012

i dont think i can go strait to my machine but im going to see that would be wonderful! thanks so much

by viki 12 Jun 2012

thank you all god bless viki

by susiesembroidery 11 Jun 2012

I pray that you, given time, be able to understand more. I do not know what programme to recommend - I use Bernina V6 - and it works well for me. Maybe Rescuer has the best possible solution to your problem. May God keep you safe in His Hands. Lovies.*****

by pldc 11 Jun 2012

this is out of my league but I will bring it back to the top & pray for your continued strength

by sandyqueen 11 Jun 2012

Try Ebay for a newer version of your software that will work on your computer. Just make sure it is complete.


by sewmary15 11 Jun 2012

I see at the bottom you say you have Sierra software - if you do then why not get the free Sierra digitizing software- Stitch Era Universal? I say this only if you already know how to use it because it is not easy to learn.

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viki by viki 11 Jun 2012

it isent free to ditg just just change formats ect

by kryztyna 11 Jun 2012

I cannot answer your question but just want to say Welcome back, may you gain strength from our cute family. Hugs Christine, Johannesburg

by rescuer Moderator 11 Jun 2012

If you have Windows & Professional or Windows & Ultimate, you can use your old software by running something called “Virtual Machine”. It looks and acts like XP. It is included with the two versions of Windows.
How to tell if you have one of those versions: Click the Windows symbol (used to be the “Start” button. Find “Computer” and RIGHT click it. Select “Properties” and locate the version on the center top of your screen. If you have Professional or Ultimate, I can help you use your old software without spending any extra money on software.
Let me know if you want my help.

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jun 2012

It also works on "Home Premium" too.

janetedna by janetedna 11 Jun 2012

I like a girl who knows what she's talking about! Wish I could say the same about my computer skills. Jan

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jun 2012

Ooops! I misspoke about the Home Premium. It doesn't work with Virtual Machine XP Mode which is what you would need.
Thanks Jan

viki by viki 11 Jun 2012

so i cant do it? thanks viki

viki by viki 11 Jun 2012

they wanted 1,200 to up grade my old softwear

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jun 2012

It would only be about $100 US dollars to upgrade your computer. $1200 is a LOT of money in this economy! What about buying a second hand XP computer?

viki by viki 11 Jun 2012

have one and for some reason it wont write for the designs to be read

viki by viki 11 Jun 2012

embroidery machine still uses floppys

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jun 2012

You will need to use the "Windows Virtual Machine" the others like Oracle have known issues with reading or communicating with usb/floppys. Have you tried to configure the virtual floppy drive itself?

viki by viki 11 Jun 2012

i do good to get my free designs down loaded thanks

rescuer by rescuer 11 Jun 2012

I am afraid the VM stuff is really complicated. Sorry. The easy way is to buy a used XP machine. Some places refurbish machines and sell a desktop for less than $100. We sell them cheap when we get them. Good luck!

by viki 11 Jun 2012

sorry forgot i have an swf 1501 2001 with sierra soft wear