by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Not about sewing but a internet warning. Are you sick of these scammers Indian call centre people called me tonight for about the 10th. time to tell me they are from Windows services and that my computer has a virus and if I give them my ID and Banking details they will fix it for me. I am usually polite to people on the phone but I am so sick of the calls that I now tell them straight up ."I know you are a scammer Bugger Off" . They caught my friends DH and he gave them all their banking details. They had to get all new cards as well as new passwords for his computer. So please ladies please be careful. The Windows company does not ring up their users. Hugs Joyce


by greysewist Moderator 11 Jun 2012

Once again thank goodness for caller ID. I have a couple of friends whose numbers are blocked, but I commonly get 'overseas' ones around lunchtime which I don't answer. A friend who worked for the phone company told me that it's a way they get a list of who is home to answer their phone in order to sell lists to others.

by aussiequilter 11 Jun 2012

thanks for the laugh ,this is a great topic,,,,,lol

by eggyannie 11 Jun 2012

I just keep asking them to speak up as i can't hear them, by the time they are shouting they decided to give in.Either that, or i ask them to hold whilst i call my husband and then pull the phone out and keep their line open for half an hour.
they soon get the message.

by 03carol 11 Jun 2012

Hi,"A BIG THANKS" for this post,Have today received a call,from these people,I kept saying hallo,then put the phone down,so far they havn't rung back,I live in England,so it's a widespread scam they have going on,so everyone needs to be aware of them.

by almag 09 Jun 2012

I have DHDon's football umpiring whistle which is on guard duty constantly by the phone. I blew it long and hard once after an incredibly busy 'call session'..... poor very rude, very insistent woman who rang me.

Then I was told by an angry caller who rang two weeks ago, 'You kept on saying Oh, yes, Oh, yes, and I don't like that!!!', and he banged down the phone. Hey! and I'm supposed to 'like' illegal scammers trying to steal my information over the phone???????

The Seniors in Australia have been advised to just hang up, and that's really the best, but it's a confounded nuisance when one sits down at last in the evening only to have to dig oneself out of the arm chair again to answer these troublesome calls, often three in a row, beginning around 6 p.m.
Two days ago when I told one insistent caller, who rang to tell me that I was downloading a virus, that I didn't own a computer he asked, 'Well, has your boy friend got one?' I guess any old computer will do if there's a naive dope willing to give out the information.

I'm not a rude person by nature but these calls have certainly trained me to be a very active one with a long list of responses, depending on the time I have on hand or my mood.

by justonlyme 09 Jun 2012

I found something that WORKS!! I was getting those "card holder services" calls several times per day. You would think they would go away and leave us alone. I went and bought a gym whistle. Now, when they call, I get someone on the line, start talking real low to them so they have to listen, and then blast them with the whistle. The calls abruptly stopped. It sounds cruel, but what they are doing is truly criminal!! I haven't had a call from them since. I think they got the message!

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 09 Jun 2012

great we all should do this they must think we are all simple to fall for this scam i have had dozens of calls like this and i ask them what they are talking about that i do not own a computer...another one is say just hang on a minute and leave the phone for a long time this blocks their line and they can not use it till you hang up...soozie

by susiesembroidery 09 Jun 2012

I usually tell them to give me their address and I will come to see them, since I don't give information over the phone. They never get back to me thereafter.

by pldc 09 Jun 2012

all the way across the world & we can't stop this, I have to wonder why!if you don't recognize the # don't asnwer it(if you have #id)

by noah 09 Jun 2012


by cfidl 09 Jun 2012

Thanks for the info and the LOL! Some of our Cutes solutions are too funny! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by ezzemml 09 Jun 2012

i use to tell them that no one has a computer here untill i iang the no more calls in Australia and it is a free service the only ones it doesnt block is the charities and they say they are exempt.

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sewist1 by sewist1 09 Jun 2012

It doesn't stop these scammers because they are overseas. I am on the Do Not Call Register and have still receievd these calls.It is just coincidence that you have not received any further calls.

by thecraftycritter 09 Jun 2012

I'm with several others on here - I ported my home phone to a cell phone so only have one number that is not in the telephone directory because it is now a cell number, but does not follow the standard cell number listings. Callers numbers are shown before I answer. If I do not recognize the number I don't answer the phone. If it's important they leave a message. Most of the time there is no message so I know whoever it was didn't really want to talk with me.

by tilde01 09 Jun 2012

One of the fun ways to get back at them is to ask them if they can hold on to talk to your DH or someone else, then put the phone down & come back to it in about 30 minutes. You'd be surprised how long they'll wait on the phone to talk to someone.

by bethelb 09 Jun 2012

Doesnt matter how indignant you get with these folks , they will always call back. So have some fun, tell them that you think it is a great idea and if they would give YOU their account number you would be happy to make a deposit. Or if they would give you their home phone number you would call them as soon as you got a moment . Then hang up.

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bethelb by bethelb 09 Jun 2012

Oh, my daughter pretends she is a foreign maid and cant speak or understand their language . Dont make ant dif. but we get a chuckle.

by mariahail 09 Jun 2012

My sister went to a walmart gas station in Austin Texas and they took some of the information on ther card and someone charged 250.00, my aunt's master card was also used to pay someone utilities in Toluca Mexico!!! Can you believe that!!!!

justonlyme by justonlyme 09 Jun 2012

Yup, I can. I've had my credit card stolen remotely LOTS of times. It is incredibly stressful!!

almag by almag 11 Jun 2012

Yes, I can. I live in southern South Australia and a few years ago my Paypal account showed I "bought" a set of car tyres in a mid-American state. I got the money refunded, but.... :[ ... AlmaG.

by bowlds 09 Jun 2012

I tell people all the one legitimate cares if you have a virus, no one would know you have a virus, and no one legitimate will call and offer to fix your virus.

by rescuer Moderator 09 Jun 2012

Contact your telephone provider. In the USA we have a service you can pay a small monthly fee to have solicitors rejected. It prevents the calls from even ringing your home. Your friends will have to press a number to ring you. Automated phone calls never make it through. The caller gets a message like, :If you are a solicitor please add this number to your do not call list. If you are not a solicitor please press (a number) to continue this call." I just use an unpublished VOIP or internet home phone and my cell phone so I don't have the problem.

by shirley124 09 Jun 2012

Yes I've had these calls also. I just hang up.

by grandmamek 09 Jun 2012

I have caller ID along with an answering machine. If I do not recognize the number I do not answer the phone. If it is important they will leave a message and then I will call back. Nine times out of ten there is no message so I know it is nobody important to me. Hugs, Mary

by mumzyfarm 09 Jun 2012

I got a call last night from someone in ct and had to say hello about 10 times before anyone came on the line when someone did finally come on the line they said good evening mam how are you I told them "I was out of breath running to the phone and had to say hello 10 times before getting a response and that they had better have something important to say or I wish a pox come down on her house and the reply was "can I call back at a better time" my response was no and i rather you not call back at all and hung up I know they will call back and I will wish them a greater pox come down on their house next time. :} dean

oigelcox by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

He! He! I cant stop laughing. Good on you. Maybe it will make them think twice next time before calling. My DH askes them if they believe in God and they usually say yes so he askes them to prey with him . Would you believe they hang up on him, He thinks it is a great joke. Hugs Joyce

oigelcox by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Part 2.DH thinks it is a great joke getting them to hang up. Hugs Joyce

shirley124 by shirley124 09 Jun 2012

Good one

by kitty2011 09 Jun 2012

This is very annoying.
I found a good solution is to keep saying "hello hello, hello - sorry but I can't hear you" then just hang up.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Good one. Hugs Joyce

by rmj8939 09 Jun 2012

I had one of those calls and when he started in I asked him what the **** he needed to know about my computer and hung up.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Good on you. My friend kept telling her DH to hang up and not tell them anything but being a man he wouldnt listen but knows better now after being caught. Hugs Joyce

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jun 2012

I have caller ID so NEVER answer international calls. My grandson loves talking on the phone so he can deal with the calls. I am not rude to unsolicited calls but I dont answer questions and politely say goodbye and put the phone down. Caller ID is good

oigelcox by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Sounds like thats what I need. I sed to be polite but am fed up with them and have come to the end of my teather. He. He.. Hugs Joyce

asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Jun 2012

Just had one 5 mins ago but didnt answer

by granniebea 09 Jun 2012

I am also fed up and I am not very polite to them either.I wish I knew a soulution.

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oigelcox by oigelcox 09 Jun 2012

Yes so do I.I am on our government Do Not Call list but they just ignore that and the government says they cant do anything about it. It aparently is just followed by honest companys. Hugs Joyce