by pcteddyb 07 Jun 2012

Anyone able to get to (Liane Stitch)? I keep getting errors when I try to go there?


by muffy 07 Jun 2012

I was just there...and downloaded the free Butterfly Lampshade, I'm stitching it out right now.
Muffy :)

by sigrun 07 Jun 2012

It is OK with me

by cicadamn 07 Jun 2012

She wrote to me last week. is gooing on Holiday for 10 days and will sort out the problem when she returns.

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pcteddyb by pcteddyb 07 Jun 2012

Thanks for the update.

by lique 07 Jun 2012

I had a message of a virus attack when I went there this morning.

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pcteddyb by pcteddyb 07 Jun 2012

I am betting that is why it was taken offline. Thanks.

by bevintex 07 Jun 2012

I get the same thing. Will try later.