by cherylgauteng 07 Jun 2012

I have just received an email from Stitchery Mall to tell me that they are closing down at the end of July ! I am going to go in and re-download all designs that I have bought and write them to a disc.


by tiply01 07 Jun 2012

I'm sorry.

by ramona 07 Jun 2012

It's a sad day to hear that they are closing but it appears to be a good move for them and their family. Stitchery Mall will be missed.

by eastwitch2 07 Jun 2012

Yes it is true!
The mall will close July 1st but the website will be up until the end of July!
It really is sad to see this happening.

by shirlener88 07 Jun 2012

Yes, I received the same email. Having the ability to download again and make a disk is very smart. It might appear to be hard to get to know the digitizer's website - but we will be getting info on that on the HOME page, too.

by jofrog2000 07 Jun 2012

See, I was a few days ahead of the official announcement.

by mranderson 07 Jun 2012

Thank you for the update. There are some incomplete alphabets that I have from there. I must check them out to see which letters I am missing. Hugs Marg