by diamondfowler 04 Jun 2012

I was wondering when is too much material too much? My friends aunt passed and she wants me to get her material and she was a quilter so she has alot

Thanks for your replies hugs Diamond


by noah 04 Jun 2012

NO, NO , NO NEVER ENOUGH :):) hugs

by eyeztodiefor10 04 Jun 2012

There is no such thing as too much material! You are very lucky they offered it to you.What an awesome gift!

by drro 04 Jun 2012

Ooooo la la, you are a lucky gal!! This is a real blessing I think:>)

by stork 04 Jun 2012

Consider yourself blessed that she wants you to have the material. If there is something you definitely would not use or you question it put it in a bag or box for a quilt guild, charity or such. It's going to be like Christmas going thru all the material....have fun!

by michemb 04 Jun 2012

Normally when you run out of room it is time to say enough, however with the continous higher pricing of fabrics I would say sort, keep what is the best and pass the rest onto crafters association, etc. who usually welcome all bits and pieces that they make wonderful pieces out of.

by jrob Moderator 04 Jun 2012

You probably have too much if you are having to pay for a storage place to keep it. Nah, maybe not.

by tilde01 04 Jun 2012

If you think you have to much material, you can always donate it to people who make quilts for those less fortunate. A lot of quilting groups or your church could help you out on that.

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tilde01 by tilde01 04 Jun 2012

If you don't want the fabric suggest to your friend that she donate it to a place like the Salvation Army. A lot of these thrift stores, sell it to people who want it. I purchase a lot of my material from Savers. They donate their profits to local charity groups & I've gotten some good buys there.

by bevintex 04 Jun 2012

Share,I would gladly pay postage for a box of fabric.

by sharonleekesner 04 Jun 2012

Isn't that like "too much money and too much fun"? No such thing. Lots of good responses here and yes, take it, then you can decided if you need to decide but you will have it.

by zoefzoef 04 Jun 2012

If you have a place to stock it, it think you never can have enough. And who knows maybe you meet someone who also loves to sew and you can give some material to that person. Accept it !

by cclark 04 Jun 2012

In my book there is no such thing as too much fabric!

by susiesembroidery 04 Jun 2012

Wow!!!!! Is there ever too much material??? I don't think so. Can always do with a few pieces more......****

by gjemptynester 04 Jun 2012

It's only too much when you can't get to your sewing machine!

by gdsteliga 04 Jun 2012

There are many charitable organizations who would be glad of quilting cotton for quilts for cancer patients among others. Better it should be used than just stashed.

by rescuer Moderator 04 Jun 2012

Fabric should always go to a good home. It is quite the compliment for your friend to offer it to you. I think the ideas givien by other Cuties are perfect. Take the stash and make something wonderful for your friend to honor her aunt. I am sure the aunt would be pleased knowing her stash went to a good home.
No such thing as too much fabric...only too little space to hold it all. If you have space for it, take it and do good things with it.

by smallwunderz 04 Jun 2012

you could also contact Jan to see if she is accepting donations for the Uganda quilt project !!!

Lois W.

by smallwunderz 04 Jun 2012

What? never heard of such a thing !
You can NEVER EVER have too much fabric !! LOL

If, however, the fabric is too much for you, perhaps you could donate it or some to the Linus Project or some other charitable organization who sews for children.

Lois W

by cfidl 04 Jun 2012

I do not think there is such a concept! If you need help taking all that material, I can grab a box! LOL!

by sewdoctor 04 Jun 2012

Huh? Too much? What is can never have too much! Go for it girl.

by pldc 04 Jun 2012

never! LOL, enjoy perhaps yo can make something to honour this woman?

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Jun 2012

One can never have enough fabric can one? Have fun with your new fabric. I am sure that the friends aunt would be delighted that its gone to a good home where it will be used rather than being chucked away

by maleah 04 Jun 2012

There is NEVER enough material. The one with most material wins the game.....

by grandmamek 04 Jun 2012

Never can one have too much material. I have oodles of it and still have to buy more when I see something that screams my name!! Hugs, Mary

momhome by momhome 04 Jun 2012

I am the same way.

oigelcox by oigelcox 05 Jun 2012

I fall for this trap every time bought some great Lighthouse material the other day just because----. Hugs Joyce

by bikermomfl 04 Jun 2012

It's like my t-shirt from the quilt show. "Blissfully buried in fabric", works for me. I love my stash and if a new piece 'talks to me' then it has to come home. But in all fairness I've made my last 4 quilts from my stash, sooooooo I do use it (giggle)

by shirlener88 04 Jun 2012

I would take it and thank her - make all sorts of things - as quickly as you can - have a sale - sell it for $1, $2 & $3 a piece - give the fabric store a run for their money - Hehehe! Of coarse - if you still have more than you can use - I have a spot at my place for some.

by lique 04 Jun 2012

Never ever can you have enough materials. I have boxes full (all colour or pattern sorted) and I still have times I think this is just not the right colour and have to buy more (Always slightly more than I need so I have it for another project). Hope you got lots of lovely materials.

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kitty2011 by kitty2011 05 Jun 2012

I'm very impressed... "all colour & pattern sorted" ... wow, now that IS organised.

by justonlyme 04 Jun 2012

I do not think there is ever a point where there is too much. Because, as long as you are creating, then you can use it.
My grandmother had willed to me a whole shed of fabric, since she too was a quilter. But my uncle put her in a nursing home and hauled all of her stuff to the dump. I'm still not happy with him. She had boxes of the real vintage feed sacks, and tons of other very valuable stuff. Take it while it is available. You can always gift some of it to someone else if it isn't your style.

by pennifold 04 Jun 2012

Toogie is right NEVER - I feel the same way. Whenever I see a piece of fabric, it's like something comes over me and I've just got to have it. It's a disease, I know and I'm sure each one of us has it. It's just lovely to run your fingers over it and smell it. I think all of us are more aware of "pre-loved" fabrics too these days and there is always something you can make with it! Right? Love Chris

by dollygk 04 Jun 2012

My sister was in the same spot when a neighbor was moved and her son put all her stash out on the street. My sister took all of it, this was four years ago and do you believe that it's gone now? She made new quilts for her family and self then gave the old quilts to the animal rescus or thrift stores. You can even give the unwanted pieces to the thrift stores, some one will use them!!

by momhome 04 Jun 2012

You can never have too much material. Unless it is torn beyond repair or unusable in anyway - then you might be able to use it for stuffing in rag-dolls or animals.

Make something nice for your friend out of the some of the material as a remembrance of her aunt and a thank-you from you.

by oigelcox 04 Jun 2012

Enough is never enough when it comes to our stash . I need to live 200 years to be able to use all mine up. I have pieces that I just like to look at I cant bring myself to cut it up. Especialy my Owl materials and Bear materials. Hugs Joyce

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 04 Jun 2012

Oh, that sounds like me!

oigelcox by oigelcox 05 Jun 2012

Yeh but it is good isnt it. Just to sit for a while and admire it. Hugs Joyce

by toogie 04 Jun 2012

Never-Take it -use it or pass it on to some other sewer/quilter. For petes sake, don't let her throw it away. Call any of us close to you-T

by eggyannie 04 Jun 2012

never too much fabric . just think of how much money you will save on heating if all spare space is insulated with it. its like having a full freezer
Will it to some one you don't like. revenge is a sweet best served cold and just think how much trouble you will cause them when a mountain of fabric is delivered out of the blue

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oigelcox by oigelcox 05 Jun 2012

I didnt think of this will have to use this excuse with DH tell him how much money he is saving. Hugs Joyce

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Jun 2012

Never enough. If you are running out of room I still have space available Ha, ha.

by eggyannie 04 Jun 2012

When there is no room for dust bunnies in the house

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justonlyme by justonlyme 04 Jun 2012

I LOVE IT!!! My thoughts exactly!!!

by eggyannie 04 Jun 2012

When there is no room for dust bunnies in the house

by eggyannie 04 Jun 2012

you can't sit up in bed without hitting your head on the ceiling because the beds been raised so high to store it all under it.
annie in the UK

shirlener88 by shirlener88 04 Jun 2012


jrob by jrob 04 Jun 2012


lilylyn by lilylyn 04 Jun 2012

I like this analagy - very funny told my dh and he laughed too....(probably picturing himself in the bed with me LOL) LYN

justonlyme by justonlyme 04 Jun 2012

That is a fantastic suggestion. Thank you. :)

by shirley124 04 Jun 2012

They say the one that dies with the most fabric wins. LOL. I know the feeling, I have had some from my late sister-in-law and a dear friend. You take it because it may be useful some day. If you are a quilter I am sure you can't go wwrong. Shirley

by sewmom 04 Jun 2012

It's too much if you can't store it properly : ) But on the other hand, there's no such thing as "too much fabric".