by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

Does anyone have a Babylock and the machine jerks the thread? Mine is in the shop for that. And it will sew without recognizing the thread is broke. Could anyone tell me if you have had this problem in the past? And what was wrong with it? I would appreciate any information. I am so worried if I will ever get it back. It just came out of the shop. JUST FREAKING OUT with worry. Thanks Peg.


by nanniesara 03 Jun 2012

If you have had a needle break it could have damaged the bobbin case. If so they will have to replace it. As afar as the sensor it might need to be replaced or just cleaned real good. I had the jerking thing and it was due to a burr on the bobbin case that was done by a needle break. As for the thread sensor I do not have a clue. Good luck and I hope it gets fixed soon.

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wp1012 by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

I did have a needle to break and a hole went right thru the side of the bobbin case. They had never seen a needle to do that before. Then the needle or hand wheel would turn. It locked up. They said it needed to be oiled good. Sara thank you you. Right now I am worried about expense and will it have to shipped to the big repair center. Peg

by justonlyme 03 Jun 2012

When you pick it up, sit down at the shop, before leaving, and try stitching a sample to make sure that it isn't doing that anymore. If it is, then don't accept it until it gets fixed. I had that problem with my machine. It was a Brother, manufactured by the same company as Babylock. Hang in there. It will get fixed.

wp1012 by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

I will try that. Thanks. What was wrong with yours? And did it cost a lot to get it fixed? Peg

justonlyme by justonlyme 03 Jun 2012

No idea. I finally had to have the machine replaced because no one could figure it out. If yours WAS working fine and now isn't, then it is fixable. Mine had problems from the very start.

wp1012 by wp1012 06 Jun 2012

I got word from the Babylock dealer. The machine has to sent off the the Babylock Repair Center. Then it take at least 2 weeks to get it fixed. It broke the needle casing inside the machine. I am going thru withdrawls. I need to embroider. Peg

by sdrise 03 Jun 2012

I have three Baby lock machines and that has never happened to any of them. I think Shirline is right ...something to do with the tension or the sensor. Suzanne

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wp1012 by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

Suzanne thanks for answering. I hope it will be fixed soon. Be thankful it hasn't happened. Too much worry with migraines.

by shirlener88 03 Jun 2012

Peg, that does sound rather unusual - I have a Babylock and it doesn't do that. I would suspect that there is something wrong in that upper tension area. The repairman should be able to tell you what is going on with it and why. I wouldn't leave without talking to him and making sure you understand why it was happening, either.

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wp1012 by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

Well it is at the Babylock hospital right now. He is suppose to call Monday and talk to me. He was busy moving machines around Saturday when I dropped it off. They were holding Serger and quilting classes. So he was super buzy. It is the dealer I bought it from. Peg

by dailylaundry 03 Jun 2012

Oh, Peg, I am sorry!! I do have a Babylock and it hasn't ever done that. I hope they can fix it! Hugs to you, Laura*

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wp1012 by wp1012 03 Jun 2012

I am glad you have never had these problems. Thank Laura.