by sgillette 29 May 2012

Okay my cutie friends. I want to learn to digitize like you do! What is the best software to buy? I have PE Design Lite that is just frustrating me. Shall I buy PE Design 9.0 or shall I try Embird or is there something better? I just have a Brother machine but would love to share in different formats. Any advise would be helpful.


by meganne 31 May 2012

Without question Embird is the most user friendly, best supported, inexpensive, comprehensive, Embroidery program you can buy.
You can download a 1 month trial, of the FULL program and the only thing you won't be able to do is save the designs you play with.
It is the best buy I ever made and even the upgrades are so cheap, often free in fact.
There is so much online support, besides the Balara's own website, you will never doubt that you made the right decision.
Hugs n roses, Meganne
Melide Menschen Designs

by sewmom 30 May 2012

My dealer told me that if I didn't like the pe design earlier versions then I wouldn't like the pe next either. I just bought the Masteworks II but it hasn't arrived yet. I've had one trial class and I know I'll have a lot to learn. I got it more than half off but I have to give them me pe design 5.6 for the sale price.

by drro 30 May 2012

Here you go! There are many programs available; I had not idea until I started looking for the one that would give me the most for my money. Sometimes the question have a dongle or not have a dongle:>)

by drro 30 May 2012

I bought PE Design Next, and then saw the Floriani software! There was a great offer at one of the stores here, and I saw it demonstrated during a Floriani stabilizer workshop! I wished I had not purchased PE Next, as I would rather have save my $ to buy it! It looks AWESOME!! Oh Well, I saw someone wrote in a post at Sewforum it doesn't matter about the software you use, it will be well done if the digitizer does it well. I think though, that the Floriani was VERY user friendly:>) Good luck! Check them all out well before you buy. Many have trials that are economical, and the investment will go towards purchasing the full package. Hugs! One more thing, assistance nearby is a great boon. There is no one nearby me that is an expert with PE Design, but I have found a great yahoo group that offers low priced tutorials. I will give you the name of it.

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drro by drro 30 May 2012

memories-in-thread-digitizing is the yahoo group. Also, Carol Price has a video tutorial for PE design out, and she has a website too. I will give you the links for it and the FLoriani site:>)

by spendlove Moderator 30 May 2012

I'm learning to use Embird and I'm more than happy with it so far.

by joansatx 30 May 2012

I have a Brother and when I wanted it to do lettering my way, the shop told me to buy the Bernina Artista.
It converts many. I'm doing ok with the lettering/words but am still scared to digitize. I tried the photo automatic conversion but never stitched it. I have some books with pictures/art that aren't copyrighted from post-war Japan that I want to get brave and digitize. I sure hope you do better than I am doing! Go for it!

sandyqueen by sandyqueen 30 May 2012

Love my artista software. So many wonderful features and easy to use. I have had ver 1, 3,4 and now 6. I put designs in Designs by cuties of hearts one outlined by stars, one by heart and one by blanket stitch. Search when in cuties by my name. Also try Bernina free progrm ARTLINK (not digitizing but handy for laptop as no dongle needed. Maybe find copy of ARTISTA on Ebay (make sure has dongle and if you like can upgrade).


sandyqueen by sandyqueen 30 May 2012

You can PM me if you want.


joansatx by joansatx 31 May 2012

Thank you very much.It may be awhile. I'll remember.

by eyeztodiefor10 30 May 2012

I used to want to learn to digitize but I have so many designs I'll never use all the ones I have! Good luck to you. It sounds like fun but I know it's hard work too.

by hightechgrammy 30 May 2012

I wish I knew what to tell you! I love your maze you made and I'd love to ask you to please make an even larger one!

by kitty2011 29 May 2012

I have just purchased embird digitizer, so am just learning myself.

However, I would suggest you try their 30day trial, that will give you a very good idea as to whether it's what you're after.