by lflanders 28 May 2012

I need to change my password and see no way to change it. Am I missing something? I have changed it one other time over the yrs without a problem. I had to give it to my son so he could renew my membership because my computer has been hacked into. I can not use my card on my computer. In fact, I have just had to cancel that card and reorder a new card with a new number. No my son did not abuse it but someone did get it and ordered a bicycle part from a place in California. The money was replaced but I was afraid that purchase was just testing to see if it would go throuhg with no problem and they would try more later! I just do not want anyone to have my passwords, not even my son(grown and married with grands).


by jrob Moderator 28 May 2012

Linda, unless it has been recently changed you have to send a message to Miss V to have your password changed. Either use "contact us" at the bottom of the page or send a PM to "test" which is Miss V's avatar name. ;)

lflanders by lflanders 28 May 2012

My son can get nosey and I had to give the newest password to him so he could renew my membership from his computer. I can not use my card from my computer. He could fix it for me but...the last time he took it home to work on it, he kept it 3 months.

lflanders by lflanders 28 May 2012

I finally had to make him mad before he decided to get it fixed and bring it back home. I am soo careful with my card and then last week I had to cancel it and order a new one. Someone used it to order bike parts from California. I caught it just a few minutes after it cleared the bank. The company refunded the money but I figured that small charge was just seeing if it would work and the next time it would have cleared out my account. I went to the ATM and cleared out my account and called the bank back from my car and canceled my card. I have banked there for more than 35 yrs. The bank has changed names 3 times.

lflanders by lflanders 28 May 2012

min after it cleared my account. I talked to the bank, went to the ATM and cleared all of my money at the ATM, got in the car and called the bank back and had them cancel my card. I am now waiting on a new card/number. I got really lucky.

by cfidl 28 May 2012

Hi Linda? You need to go to the first page of Cute. then in the midde top you will see the words account. I am sure you can take it from there! Live Laugh Download Stitch!