by stillbehind 25 May 2012

Hi everyone, With all the "CUTE" in the hoop designs we are seeing lately, I thought that I would share a wonderful source for zippers. It is

I recently purchased from them and the service was great! They are having a "buy 2 get 1 free" sale till the end of the month. I got 45 (total) 9 inch zippers for $14.30 and that included shipping. The shorter zippers are on the last few pages. I hope someone finds this useful info.
Ellen in Las Vegas (stillbehind)


by eteaff 26 May 2012

Thank you! I too love the ITH projects but never have the right color or lengh to do the project. I ordered almost every color. LOL

by cfidl 26 May 2012

Thank you! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by katydid 26 May 2012

thanks for the heads up!!

by pinon 25 May 2012

I bought from them about two weeks go and was delighted with the quality of the zippers, the service and the price is awesome.

by highlandermom 25 May 2012

Thank you for information

by shirlener88 25 May 2012

Ellen, thanks for the into.

by devon 25 May 2012

Thank you great buy