by smithandsmith 23 May 2012

A BIG thank you to my secret birthday cutie!

I know i'm going to get a lot of use out of this microwave steamer and so will the children :)
Hugs Lee


by greysewist Moderator 23 May 2012

What a great gift. Well done secret birthday cutie!

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cfidl by cfidl 24 May 2012

Ditto! LLDS!

by kttyhwk4 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday! Think you're really going to enjoy your gift. Ours get a big work out.
WTG Secret Sister.

by scrappinhappie 23 May 2012

What a neat gift, way to go secret sister

by sewdeb 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday! And way to go Secret Sister! *'s for all

by michemb 23 May 2012

to anyone looking for a pattern, her is a link

sewdeb by sewdeb 23 May 2012

thanks for the link!

justsew by justsew 23 May 2012

Thank you. Iv added it to my favorites.
Hugs Pam.

olds by olds 24 May 2012

Thanks for the link. I printed out the
directions. I have a question-what is
warm tater batting? I have some warm and
natural cotton batting will that work? It
was called for to put in the micro wave
potholders. I am not a quilter-I just picked up this batting in the remnants.

QuiltingLodge by QuiltingLodge 25 May 2012

The tater batting isn't chemically treated. Here's a link for more info on the batting It works great for the microwave tater bags.

by sqdancer 23 May 2012

Nice gift and usefull as well - something the whole family can enjoy...hugs x0x0x0 Glenda

by blueeyedblonde 23 May 2012

I've used one of these for years and just recently made a new one for myself and then found the potato fabric and made another one. They are awesome. I posted it in dbc (the plain, first one)!
I just did a corn on the cob for lunch yesterday.

by sewmom 23 May 2012

What a fun gift!

by pldc 23 May 2012

YEH these are supposed to be just the greatest! Very nice with the hot chili peppers~! Hugs Loralye

by shirlener88 23 May 2012

Lee, what a great birthday present - so happy to know you will be using it - way to go Secret Sister.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 May 2012

Can you explain how to use this?

alexgrandma by alexgrandma 23 May 2012

I would love to know how to use it and make it!!

pldc by pldc 23 May 2012

you can use it to bake potatoes in the microwave oven or you can do tortilla's ( or wraps) in there too! they get steamed & they won't get hard or dried out on you! you can do the same with buns too!

sewdeb by sewdeb 23 May 2012

Nothin' worse than dried out buns 8-) hee hee