by barbaramiklaucic 16 May 2008

I'm new how does the flower system work ??? and how to give commentsabout the designs???barbmiklaucic



by katydid 16 May 2008

WELCOME, Barbara you will love this site. Good ideas, good info, help with problems and generous support.

by wendymay60 16 May 2008

Welcome Barbara! enjoy giving and receiving, ask any questions & someone will have the asnwer for you

by dkjack 16 May 2008

Welcome Barbara! Hope join us often. We are an addictive group. :)

by missann 16 May 2008

Welcome to Cute...may I also get a flower each day when you log on to Cute. When I click on your flowers, the numbers to the right of your Avatar will increase by one.

by sandralochran 16 May 2008

Welcome to Cute

by clawton 16 May 2008

Mops got gave you a good answer. A warm welcome.

by lbrow 16 May 2008

Welcome to cute embroidery, u have your answ. so a *4U

by pafhen 16 May 2008

mops I can't find the pages either, but jrob where are you??? she will come thru again with this information. For now I will clike the orange flower and add flowers to all

by shirleysisson 16 May 2008

Welcome, Barbara. *4U

by mops Moderator 16 May 2008

This has been explained a number of times, but it's hard to find in all those pages. So here's the short version. You just click on an orange flower next to a good question, an interesting answer or a lovely project. It then turns grey, so you can't vote again.
You can make a comment about a design by clicking n the design. You then get the download window. Go to the bottom of the page and then you can type in your comment. Flower for you.

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lbrow by lbrow 16 May 2008

& 1 4 u 4 answering her ques. mops.