by smburt 19 May 2012

Ok, it takes a bit for me to understand. I tried the sewlconz and my seven days are up. Didn't get to really try as I took my machine in for maintenance. I loved the icons to see designs. Will it also allow me to take fonts and make words or phrases. Whereas now I just guess on machine if they are lined up. Thank you . Susan


by meganne 21 May 2012

It is only to allow you to view your designs as Thumbnail (pictures) when browsing them in your folders, using Windows Explorer (NOT to be confused with Windows INTERNET Explorer!!!)

PLEASE ignore those posts confusing SEW WHAT PRO with SewIconz. Two totally different programs!!!!

by eastwitch2 20 May 2012

Link to the Sew what Pro Program so you can read all about it.
See Below!

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smburt by smburt 21 May 2012

Thank you , I will. I'm so bad about reading directions and instructions. I love to read just not that, but I will in order to understand. Everyone has helped a lot though. Susan

by eastwitch2 20 May 2012

The Sew What pro Program will allow you to take already digitzed letters that you bought or got free and make words or phrases with them.
It now has a feature that helps line up the lettering.
It is an editing program that allows you to combine designs, add lettering to designs, resize designs, cut parts of a design out that you may not want or want to put with another design. It is a great program.

You can download the Program and Demo it for 30 days or 60 saves. Just make sure to download the Bit Version, 32 bit or 64 bit, that matches the your computer.

It is made by the same fellow that made SewIconz that is for viewing designs on your computer in picture format.

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smburt by smburt 21 May 2012

So I would need Sewlconz for icons and then get Sew What Pro for other and then I should be set. Thank you I appreciate the help, that helps me a bunch. Susan

by noah 19 May 2012

I am just trying SewWhat pro and i am not smart at a computer and i am getting it with the help of a cute friend and it is 30 days trying it out hugs carolyn

smburt by smburt 19 May 2012

Well let me know, drives me crazy trying to figure whats best for the money. I'm not really a computer person either, I'm afraid of messing up and loosing everything. Thanks Susan

eggyannie by eggyannie 20 May 2012

sewwhatpro is fantastic value for money and is evolving all the time and upgrades are free. join the group for any help or give me a shout

noah by noah 20 May 2012

Thanks Annie I might do that also hugs
Oh i am not good at computer either only been on this beast for almost 3 years and if i can learn you can also .It is only $65. 0r $75. dollars for all hugs carolyn

by eggyannie 19 May 2012

sew icons is not a digitising program it simply shows your designs in thunbprints so you do not have to open a file to see what is in it

smburt by smburt 19 May 2012

That in itself is good and will love that, but may have to do like Carolyn and go a step farther also. Thank you , Susan

eastwitch2 by eastwitch2 20 May 2012

You don't need a digitzing program to use letters to make words.
You would need an editing program and use digitzed letters from Alphabets you bought or got free and put them together in an editing program.