by madrocki 02 May 2012

Hi Cuties, I havent made cards before so if someone can give me a bit of guidance, such as is there a site when I can download steps to make. I have sourced the card but need to know if I should use plain or linen (these cards are to be machine embroidered on), also how do you finish off (covering up the stitches inside the card. Any help will be appreciated.



by pldc 02 May 2012

wow good question I'm glad you asked! looks like you have some good answers too! Thanks

by basketkase 02 May 2012

Hi Madeline......I have a video on my website on embroidering on cardstock....have a look and see if it helps you out......Vicki

momhome by momhome 02 May 2012

Thanks Vicki-

madrocki by madrocki 02 May 2012

much appreciated, thanks

cfidl by cfidl 02 May 2012

Saw it Loved it! Gonna try it! Thanks!

madrocki by madrocki 02 May 2012

thanks Vicki, watched the video and found it easy to follow, now it is up to me.

by dino 02 May 2012

Embroidery Library has a tutorial for embroidering on cards.

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madrocki by madrocki 02 May 2012

thanks so much