by madrocki 02 May 2012

Hi Cuties

Does anyone know where to buy the blank cards suitable for embroidering on?


by nhsmith55 02 May 2012

When I embroidered on cards, I used plain cardstock, cut it to the proper size using a paper cutter and folded them carefully. The office supply store has envelopes, so get them first so that you know what size to make your card.
I loved making my Christmas cards last year and plan to make more this year. Good luck! ~ Nancy

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madrocki by madrocki 02 May 2012

thanks Nancy, it is my idea to get my Christmas cards started early, time just runs away. I tried getting some in Australia without success.

by 1allamericangirl 02 May 2012

I think Joann's Fabrics carries them here in the US. Not sure where you are at.

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madrocki by madrocki 02 May 2012

I am in Australia but I am sure they will post. Many thanks for your help.