by claudenicolas 01 May 2012

A GOOD 1st of MAY from France

In France it is the custom to give on the 1st of May one to another a spig of lily of the valley to whish hapiness for the whole year
Cuties, this corb of lily of the valley is for you


by oigelcox 02 May 2012

Thank you from Joyce Australia appy May Day to you.

by jrob Moderator 02 May 2012

Thank you Claude, and happy May Day to you also!
Hugs, Jerrilyn

by mumzyfarm 02 May 2012

Thank you that is such a lovely custom. I have learned so much from all of the cuties from all over the world.

by susiesembroidery 02 May 2012

Thank you for this beautiful picture. It is really special. May you also have a happy and memorable year.***

by gramsbear 02 May 2012

Happy May Day to you and all Cuties everywhere! When decorating cakes, I have put more Lily of the Valley on cakes than any other flower. They even look beautiful done in icing!!! Have a wonderful day. Hugs & Good wishes for the whole year, & God Bless all of you. Judy

by 1ladyb 01 May 2012

What a neat thing to celebrate May 1st. I don't know if anyone still does it but in the USA we gave May Baskets to friends. You placed the basket of candy or flowers on the door step, rang the bell and ran away. It you got caught you got a kiss from the person who received the basket. We always made our own "bakets" and had so much fun. Happy May Day to one and all.

by gerryb 01 May 2012

What a lovely custom! Happy May Day to you too!!!

by hightechgrammy 01 May 2012

And a Lily of the Valley the way I remember them to you! Hugs from Jan in Colorado

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 01 May 2012

Has there ever been a prettier color of green?

by aussiequilter 01 May 2012

How sweet ,thank you

by abeille78 01 May 2012

Bon 1er mai.
Un petit brin de muguet... beaucoup de bonheur cette année!
Monique from France.

by parkermom 01 May 2012

Thank you! How very nice of you.

by pldc 01 May 2012

et tu mon ami

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pldc by pldc 01 May 2012

I have a garden full of them!

by gerryvb 01 May 2012

and for you too, Hugs !

by capoodle 01 May 2012

Have a beautiful May Day!

by lbrow 01 May 2012

Thank you much my friend! Happy May Day to you!/Lillian

by cfidl 01 May 2012

Thank you, and wish the same happiness could spread all over the world and for a moment we have peace.

by edithfarminer 01 May 2012

Thank you, LOVE Lilly of the valley flowers.
Let us indeed hope for a good year with good health.

by lilylady 01 May 2012

thank you, love all flowers and do have some lily of the valley.

by airyfairy 01 May 2012

Thank you Claude. Lilly of the valley are one of my favourite flowers. Unfortunately we cannot get them to grow here in South Africa. Hugs Sarah.

by ssampsel 01 May 2012

what a lovely custom. i have tons of lily-of-the valley plants & i love them! ***4all***

by cclark 01 May 2012

Thank you. Happy May Day!

by sewemb 01 May 2012

Thank You
a lovely custom, a sprig of lily of the valley to you and all cuties

by shirlener88 01 May 2012

Miss Claude, I wish you happiness for the whole year, too.

by zoefzoef 01 May 2012

thank you Claude ! In Belgium we do this too. I do like the smell of these flowers.

by nannynorfolk 01 May 2012

Awww- that's lovely - merci beaucoup :)

by berny 01 May 2012

Thank you,What a lovely tradition,
lily of the valley my Favourite flower..

by mranderson 01 May 2012

Thank you. Wishing you happiness too. Hugs Marg

by rmj8939 01 May 2012

Very pretty, thanks and may you have a year of happiness also. Ruthie

by cherylgauteng 01 May 2012

I cannot see the picture but really appreciate your good wish and I wish happiness for you too.

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cherylgauteng by cherylgauteng 01 May 2012

Now I see it - lovely, thanks so much !