by diamondfowler 28 Apr 2012

Would you buy a used emboidery machine from a friend for 200$? Its a brother and not very old, Thanks hugs Diamond


by kitty2011 04 May 2012

Well if you can try it first or if your friend can demonstrate it sewing for you., then why not.

You're buying a product & a price, so if you're happy with it at the time of purchase then it's no different from buying from anyone else.

Just remember to accept anything that may go wrong after you've bought it as part of the deal. That way your friendship will not suffer.
I have a brother and love it.
All the best. Kitty

by juanitadenney 04 May 2012

No!!! Not if you want to remain friends.

by paperdoll 03 May 2012

Probably. Perhaps your friend needs the money and would rather sell something than ask for a loan or gift of money. If the machine is fairly new or hardly used, maybe machine embroidery is just not her thing. Ask why she's selling. The main question for me is "Will this ruin our friendship?"

by bonnetgirl 28 Apr 2012

It depends like most of the others say....#1 I would ask her to let me try it...#2 check the prices ... After I purchased mine walmart got the same machine in and was selling if about 250.00 less then mine they are getting rid of that machine and it is less then 300.00....They said they will get a machine with embroidery do a little checking and if you save money then sure get it....I know how hard it is to but one with all the bells on it...I went from a Janome 20 plus years ago at 3,500 to the cheapest I could find. Both sew beautiful but one has more bells on it to do more...but I am happy with the cheapest one and use it more then the Janome which still runs beautiful. So a few minutes to check and then make up your mind...after all you will be the one using it.
Hugs Joann

by blueeyedblonde 28 Apr 2012

I think you need to give us more information before we can give you good advice. As others said, why is she selling it, what kind is it, what is a new one worth. And if you do get it - remember, it was working fine when you got, but as with anything something could go wrong with it (no matter where you get it from).

by hightechgrammy 28 Apr 2012

Hi Diamond, If I bought it, I would immediately take it to the service dept at the Brother Dealer, and have it tuned up, which gives it an automatic warranty.. But, that is going to cost you about $80 and then, you may have to pay for worn pieces also. I think you would be much happier stretching your budget to get a new one, under warranty, even if it isn't that fancy. Or buy an older used one from the dealer as it will also come with the warranty. I don't know about others, but I am rough on sewing and embroidery machines. I'd probably buy a used one from the dealer, so you get the warranty.
I've been the ebay route, and it took lots of money to replace missing parts and finally get it tuned to perfection.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 28 Apr 2012

The warranty/service policy is worth its weight in gold fabric!

by mary51 28 Apr 2012

I would first I have to see the machine in action! I do not think if he/ she is a friend will sell you a lemon?

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mary51 by mary51 28 Apr 2012

I need to add, what kind of machine is it? how much will it be if you buy it brand new? Is it worth it to spend 200$ if for just a little more you could get a new one? I just received from Brother an e mail new machine embroidery only 4x4 less than 300$.

by zoefzoef 28 Apr 2012

with only this brief description I can't really say. You need to find out why she is selling it, has she used it a lot ? what kind of person is she ? ex someone who takes care of her stuff or someone who just "use things" if you know what I mean so you know how the machine was taken care gently or not

by noah 28 Apr 2012

Well i have sold things to a friend but i made it very clear that it works well and i showed her how to work it .That was2 years ago and it is still fine hugs

by sdrise 28 Apr 2012

No.... Not if you want to keep your friend. If something is wrong with it ..It can ruin your friendship. Suzanne

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zoefzoef by zoefzoef 28 Apr 2012

depends, we have sold many things to our friends. But they all know that we take care of our things. so if we sell it it is still in good condition

by keeponsewing 28 Apr 2012

I would find out where she got it from and if it is still under warranty also...If it is from WalMart, then you really haven't lost a whole lot, but 200 is 200...

by airyfairy 28 Apr 2012

I personally hate buying or selling to a friend. Make sure that it is in really good working order as it is not worth spoiling a friendship over $200. Sarah.

by justsew 28 Apr 2012

I got my second Brother off of ebay, It was new, and a fantastic price. I would not have payed the price the shop wanted for the same model because I already had one 4x4 hoop, and just wanted a bigger hoop.So do some home work find out how much they are new. ask your self "am I getting a bargin ", and will it spoil your friendship if anything goes wrongu
Hugs Pam.

by mi30kaja 28 Apr 2012

I would but then keep my fingers crossed. Have you seen it working?

by tracypullen 28 Apr 2012

When I am in doubt I go to ebay and use the history tab to see that things have sold for so I know if I am getting a good deal. Have you seen it work? Why is she getting rid of the machine? Lots of Luck.

by berny 28 Apr 2012

You Cuties in U.S.are so lucky to get new machines at that price.

linpat by linpat 28 Apr 2012

boy do i agree with you. Spent thousands on my machine 4 years later paying hundreds to get it fixed and still not working properly. lin

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 28 Apr 2012

My Brother Innovis 1200 cost me $1999 must be 6 years ago and I know they are a lot more than that now.

airyfairy by airyfairy 28 Apr 2012

I have to agree that Cuties living in USA are so very lucky with all the things they can get - makes me green with envy. LOL. Sarah.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 28 Apr 2012

We can buy lots of stuff cheap here in the USA, but lots of items are cheaply made, too. Often products are made in third world countries and the quality isn't there... but they sell them anyway because they are cheap. Quality products still cost lots. Often It's hard to find quality products as generally people don't want to pay that much.

by justonlyme 28 Apr 2012

It all depends on the type of machine it is. There are some you can get new for around that price, and some that run in the thousand. Lots are in between. Do a search on that particular machine, and find out what it is worth new. Then decide if it has enough features for you. Good luck!

by moonwillow 28 Apr 2012

Well what type is it and how old is it? I am partial to brother..But for 300 you can go to walmart and buy the new version embroidery machine..with USB so you can load directly from computer.That is the important part..

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moonwillow by moonwillow 28 Apr 2012

Brother se400 is at walmart but only does 4x4 great starter though. but if you have the means to load designs and it does larger hoops it might be worth it

by cfidl 28 Apr 2012

I bought my brother se350 for 180, so it depends on the model! se400 - you would be getting a really good deal.