by elizabethak 26 Apr 2012

Well it happened again - we had a break-in and they took the wall safe with our passports, visas, innoculation certificate, left my house in a mess!!!

I am so angry - I haven't yet got over the last one in Feb!!!


by momhome 29 Apr 2012

I am so sorry. There is an old saying - "When it rains it Pours." It has been pouring on you - it is time for a dry spell - a good long dry spell. I too hope you can find some type of security system. Do you have any idea how they are getting in? I agree that it is probably the same thieves. Maybe they were hoping you had bought another embroidery machine and they could get it again - because you had such a good one last time. If nothing else - double your locks on everything including the windows.

by hightechgrammy 29 Apr 2012

This will sound naive, but does it help to have a big barking, growling dog? In the US there are home security services, so my parents, who are 85 and live in the city, have this whole system. They also have a very noisy dog. It just makes me soooo mad to hear about this and that you already had one break-in! Why are there so many, do you know??

by hightechgrammy 29 Apr 2012

Oh Elizabeth, I'm so sorry! That is just awful. Can you most somewhere safer, or is this just to be expected. I can't imagine how it makes you feel - and the loss of passports and all those documents - UGH. Were they looking for money? Did they steal things to sell? Hugs of understanding,

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 29 Apr 2012

I meant MOVE somewhere safer..

by airyfairy 28 Apr 2012

Dear Elizabeth - I am so sorry to hear that this had happened again. People not living in this country of ours do not understand. To loose your passports is such a pain. Thank goodness you were not there. Moving is probably out of the question as our property market is in such a mess. My thought are with you. Hugs Sarah (Knysna)

by cj2sew 27 Apr 2012

Go online ask about security for home, check to see what precautions the police offer,ask your neighbors why they are not getting robbed. Check to see if there are not ways you can prevent future incidents. Try to be more proactive. I have lived in only a few bad neighborhoods. I've only been broken into twice in 40 years but, I remember how it felt even today. Your life is important, be careful and stay safe.

by lucypiwow 27 Apr 2012


by marthie 27 Apr 2012

Elizabeth so sorry to hear about this. If it is not a break-in, it is a death caused by a b.... taxi.

by zoefzoef 27 Apr 2012

Sorry to hear this has happened again. I think you need to find out how you can make your house more safe. Li we installed a specual door, with special lock, 8 pins which get into the walls, also had a check up from the police and they gave us more tips to prevent a break in. Good luck !

by susiesembroidery 27 Apr 2012

Dear Elizabeth, I now what you are going through. We had 4 breakinns in two weeks in Alberton South Africa. Neighbours heard the alarm, but did nothing to phone the police. We were in Durban at that time. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Sterkte.

by mary51 26 Apr 2012

So sorry, i had the same experience many years ago, the police officer told us to get a dog, so we did, a German Shepheardand a Chow Chow and it did stop, in our case we had a suspicion it was a neighbor

by moonwillow 26 Apr 2012

Very sorry to hear ...Time to move? I know easier said than done..will keep you in my prayers...

elizabethak by elizabethak 27 Apr 2012

not posible - unless we decide to immigrate and that brings other problems - med aid etc if we relocate to USA.

moonwillow by moonwillow 28 Apr 2012

understood , sorry we can't help...but will keep you in my prayers

by capoodle 26 Apr 2012

I am so sorry you are having to go through this again. You feel so violated and not safe in your own home. Where do you live that this keeps happening?

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elizabethak by elizabethak 27 Apr 2012

South Africa - sad thing is all the houses in my street are retired/non workers and I'm the one to get hit. Time to install burglar alarm/burglar bars. We have lived here nearly 38 years) and only in the last 4 years have we had these break-ins - 4 into house, once in my husband's car in back yard, once into outbuildings. We've had a hard time lately, my husbands car was hit by "taxi".

by grandmamek 26 Apr 2012

Oh Elizabeth, that is so tragic to have to deal with this type of thing again in such a short period of time. I would be willing to bet it is the same thieves as previously. It must be someone who knows of your coming and goings and when you are away and also where you keep things. I hope the police find the culprets and punish them accordingly. You have every right to be angry and feel violated. Hugs, Mary

by leenova54 26 Apr 2012

Oh my, I am so sorry!!! I had it happen to me but that was when I was 20 and everything I had wasn't worth more than I could find at a garage sale. I just don't even know what to say that could make you feel any better but from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry this happened to you!
Hugs, Debra

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Apr 2012

Elizabeth, thinking of you

by cfidl 26 Apr 2012

Oh Geez! Time for cameras, cuz someone likes your tastes in stuff!

by michemb 26 Apr 2012

Elizabeth, this is just terrible, again for you to go through this, I cannot imagine what that must be like to go through something like this and so soon after the last one.
hugs go out to you