by Janus48 21 Apr 2012

I am new to this site. How do we leave a message to a designer or contributor. I tried clicking the name to go to their home page with no luck. Can't find where to click for private message. Help please!?! Thanks...........Jan


by parkermom 21 Apr 2012

Welcome to cute.

by kryztyna 21 Apr 2012

Hello and welcome. Hugs Christine, Johannesburg

by michemb 21 Apr 2012

see you have your answer, just wanted to say
"WELCOME TO CUTIES" you will love it here
Michelle from Montreal

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Apr 2012

Hi and welcome to Cute. If you want to send a private message that only the person you want to contact sees press the right list of 4 that reads Public, Freebies, Personal and Private. Then you will need to fill the name inof the person you are contacting. If you dont mind everyone seeing the message out it as you have put this and others will probably add their comments too. It takes a while tp get the hang of how this all works but its fun and highly addictive. There is always someone somewhere who will give you a answer and there are loads of laughs too.

Janus48 by Janus48 21 Apr 2012

I don't see a list of 4?? Is it on home page? I'm feeling a little dense with this. thanks.........Jan

gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Apr 2012

Click "back to question list" from here. Then you will see the 4 tabs at the top of the page, click on "Private", click on "Send a message" & type in the persons avatar name ( or copy & paste it in from a post) and type your meddage. Hope that helps, Hugs & Welcome, Judy

gramsbear by gramsbear 21 Apr 2012

Thats message, not meddage. Hahaha!!! Tried to hurry! Me...