by seamripper40 20 Apr 2012

When you download a pattern and you get the picture and there is no sewing data, do you just delete it or what?


by asterixsew Moderator 21 Apr 2012

Is the design larger than the hoop on your machine?

by danababes 21 Apr 2012

I suspect you're using PED Basic to transfer designs to a card as I used to get that message before updating PED Basic 1.0 (which is what comes on the cd in the box) to version 1.07 on the Brother USA website. The no sewing data message means that the design version is newer than what your software is able to read. Rather than delete your designs, update PED Basic :) xXx

by momhome 20 Apr 2012

Sewing data? Do you mean there is no instructions on how it stitches out, or do you mean there is no format that you can transfer to your machine to sew?

If there is no format then I do delete it.

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seamripper40 by seamripper40 20 Apr 2012

It comes up with no sewing data. Thank you. Iguess I just delete it.
i suppose it means no instructions.