by diamondfowler 10 Apr 2012

Could anyone tell me the size of the quilts for Uganda, my small group of Young Women has just finished making 35 dresses, we are so loved!

thanks Diamond


by airyfairy 12 Apr 2012

Just wonderful. Hugs Sarah.

by cfidl 12 Apr 2012

How totally wonderful! I am so happy for Jan and this project! LLDS!

by drro 12 Apr 2012

WOW! This is so special! The Lord is really blessing Jan's project with such an increase, just as He promises He will give us, when we give our time and talent to/for His flock! God bless all the Cuties who have invested in the Uganda project Jan began!

by hightechgrammy 11 Apr 2012

Thank You, Diamond, for leading this incredible project! 35 dresses for the Uganda Orphans! God Bless YOU!

by pennifold 11 Apr 2012

Good for you Diamond - I am about to post off my dresses on Monday when I'm on Op Shop again. May God bless all of you for doing this great project. Love and blessings Chris

by michemb 11 Apr 2012

WOW, I am blown away be the generosity of cuties. this is one of the best projects I have ever participated in.
Thank you Diamond and big hugs to you and all your group

by shirlener88 11 Apr 2012

Diamne, what a wonderful thing your small group of Young Woment have done.

by moonwillow 10 Apr 2012

That is wonderful!! I am trying to find something for our young women to do this would be a terrific idea..They can learn to sew also lol...

by hightechgrammy 10 Apr 2012

Hi Diamond, The size of the quilts for Uganda is actually pretty small, in the size range of 42 inches by 48 inches. I think we have enough for the trip in May, but we would love to send more in August. Are you saying the 35 dresses are for the orphans in Uganda??? or are they for another group of children? That is a lot of love stitched into lots of dresses!

diamondfowler by diamondfowler 10 Apr 2012

Oh they are for Uganda, one of my girls needed a 17 hour project and she thought she would like to do this

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 11 Apr 2012

OH Wow! I didn't even know you were doing this project!!! How amazing! These little girls are going to feel so special in new dresses! How wonderful! Thank you and please thank the young women who did them, please! God bless YOU ALL! I am blown away! hugs, Jan

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 11 Apr 2012

y! I just can't believe it! Hugs, Jan