by wp1012 10 Apr 2012

I have been looking at the projects on Cute. Could someone tell me what a pet cozy is? And what is it used for? I know to some of you this is a dumb question. And I apoligize in advance for that. But would really like to know. They all look great. Curiosity has got me.


by jacquipaul 12 Apr 2012

I was confused about it also, but figured out that a clothes peg (or clothes pin) would hold things, but didn't think of placing the magnetic strip on the back.
Thanks for asking.

by tmbache 10 Apr 2012

thank you for asking.... I rembered seeing some on embroidery Library and had to go back and see what they were used for also. So no that wasn't dumb at all

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wp1012 by wp1012 11 Apr 2012

I had not seen these from EMB Library. This was new to me. I will be making these for my daughter and I today. Thank you again.

by bevintex 10 Apr 2012

it's a peg cozy, it holds notes and list on your refrigrator. just add a clothes peg or pin and a magnetic strip

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wp1012 by wp1012 11 Apr 2012

Oh Thank you very much. My daughter would love this to hold my GS art work. Thank you again.