by gignac 08 Apr 2012

did some one tried PR 1000e what do you think about?


by detailslady 08 Apr 2012

I have a PR100, got it right after they came out. Easy to use, use camera a lot! Great for lining up just right. I will have to ask about the problem fixing the thread bar dragging through work, happens sometimes, but did not know of a fix. I actually work in the store where they are sold, will have to ask boss when back to work from back surgery. Otherwise, love it!

by fannyfurkin 08 Apr 2012

I have the pr1000 it is an awesome machine, it did have a problem with the threads falling out of the thread bar and dragging through my work. But Brother has replaced the part and it is fixed now. This problem was with one of the early released batches in Australia and apparently not all of the machines. The camera feature is fantastic if you have something a bit tricky to position. I still use my pr620 more because it is like a favourite pair of shoes but for designs with more thread changes or extra wide designs on baseball caps this machine is brilliant.

by berny 08 Apr 2012

Thinking of getting this also depends on how much he will allow me off the Brother Innovis 1.. Have you seen a good offer.

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suelyn7 by suelyn7 08 Apr 2012

I sold my 620 on ebay and got a much better price than i was offered by my dealer, check out what the innovis is going for on ebay see what works out best for you good luck suelyn

by suelyn7 08 Apr 2012

I have the pr1000 i haven't had it long but i love it, it has many features i haven't tried yet but i have ten needles which is great I have a larger stitch area. I need to spend more time using and discovering it but time has been a little short lately

gignac by gignac 08 Apr 2012

i already have a pr620 but i dream off the pr 1000 perhaps for my birthday?

suelyn7 by suelyn7 08 Apr 2012

yes I had one of those and moved up just before christmas. it is different to the 620 in so many ways and yet very similar