by Gerdie 27 Mar 2012

Can anyone tell me, who is the designer of the "Amigos" and "Baby Alpha" and "Ragdoll Alpha"?


by lindaavolio 07 Oct 2013

I'll sent you an email...

by devon 27 Mar 2012

Welcome to cute... Have a great time here. DeVon

by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

Another search for Tubby's Creations Embroidery came up with more links but I'm not sure they are all current.

by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

I had some web sites listed for him but the links no longer work. I googled Tubby's Creations and got this. There is an email link on the web page too.
39 Adele Street
NSW 2323
Name: Grahame Mudd
Phone: 612 49335007
Fax: 612 49334485

Gerdie by Gerdie 27 Mar 2012

Thanks for searching.
In the meantime I discovered at the Oregon Patchwork site, that the Baby Alpha is digitized by Richard and Linda, somewhere in America.SewAZEmbroidery.
Do you understand it still? I do not.

sewmom by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

Many people buy the same artwork and digitize it their own way. I could buy the art for the baby alpha and digitize it myself. It's perfectly legal.

sewmom by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

So you will find the same design done by different digitizers a lot. Some digitizers are new and some are expert. There can be a lot of differences in the designs. You will also see the same art in fill and redwork etc.

sewmom by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

They cannot always be mixed and matched either. For example I have an alpha that's done in 4 inch fill and someone else digitized the same art but it's only about 3 inches. They look the same at first but there may be other differences too.

sewmom by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

Such as better underlay stitches, textured fill patterns, outline stitches. There is so much that can be done creatively with digitizing.

sewmom by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

Occasionally we do find that someone is giving away or reselling someone else's work. That is illegal. The digitizer can usually tell if it's there own work.

sewmom by sewmom 27 Mar 2012

"their" own work

Gerdie by Gerdie 28 Mar 2012


by lbrow 27 Mar 2012

Gerdie,welcome to cute. Tubby as you have been told does the digitizing and his wife embroideries. He does marvelous work but where else he posts things I do not know. We are glad to have you with us./Lillian

by bokkieborduur 27 Mar 2012

Welcome to cute, but beware this is addictive. Hugs Marie

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Gerdie by Gerdie 27 Mar 2012

I know!

by gerryb 27 Mar 2012

I think he MAY have a web site. But don't know for sure.

by pldc 27 Mar 2012

he does amazing work & I think he is from the UK

bevintex by bevintex 27 Mar 2012

Tubby is Australian

Gerdie by Gerdie 27 Mar 2012

Thank you.

by blueeyedblonde 27 Mar 2012

I see you have your answer - welcome to cute!

by jussyc 27 Mar 2012

Unable to help sorry, just wanted to welcome you to Cute. Enjoy :)

by spendlove Moderator 27 Mar 2012

Welcome to Cute!
I think Tubby designed the Ragdoll alphabet. Not sure about the other two but sommeone will be along in a minute who knows the answer (it is that sort of place!)

Gerdie by Gerdie 27 Mar 2012

Thank you, all those designs were from the same designer. Now, I know, it is Tubby, but can I reach him?

momhome by momhome 27 Mar 2012

Can you try sending them a PM?