by olds 25 Mar 2012

Hi Cuties, I just downloaded the free corner pack. It came with no directions. I

want to know if I would use wss on bottom and top? Also, tearaway or cutaway for the
stablizer? Also what would be fabric choice? Any advice appreciationed. Thanks


by tilde01 25 Mar 2012

The type of stabilizer depends on your fabric, but for linens, cottons, etc. I'd use a cut-a-way, gives more stability to the design after it has been washed. Only time you need WSS to keep the stitches on top, is with fabric with nap, like terry cloth, velour, etc.

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olds by olds 25 Mar 2012

Thank you. Maureen

by eteaff 25 Mar 2012

I would think you would put those on linen. If you use cotton I would spray starch first. I would use a wash away stabilizer so that you won't see it latter on the other side. Maybe a WSS on top so stitches don't imbed themselves and aren't seen. Happy Stitching. I'm going to try them also. Hugs & Stitches, Liz

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olds by olds 25 Mar 2012

Thank you. Would like to see what you stitch out. I don't have a camera.