by spendlove Moderator 20 Mar 2012

ITH Projects with zips are my current obsession and I've tried out a couple of variations to the technique today.

I like to use curtain interlining to give my purses body and this time I actually used it instead of stabiliser. As it doesn't fray, it is easy to cut away the strip behind the teeth of the zip.
The second idea was to improve the appearance of the inside. When I got to the stage of adding the piece of fabric below th zip. I actually added one below the hoop as well as on top. When the two layers were stitched down, I flipped the one above down to complete stitching the design but left the lining unflipped. Just before stitching the final outline, I removed the hoop and smoothed the lining down to cover the underside of the stitches.
I hope the pictures make that clear! The last one is after I trimmed the interlining away from the zip (and before I trimmed carefully again to remove the fluffy bits!)


by sbott54 05 Jun 2013

Thanks for all your designs and adding the lining is very helpful! Thanks for teaching us how to do this. --Sandra

by oigelcox 16 May 2012

Thanks Sue this is a great idea. I have been making your purses and I use 2 layers of No-Show Mesh stabilizer in the hoop and it gives the front of the purses some body and I put underlay in between the back pieces as your instructions. I just have to cut the mesh away from over the zip which is easy. I love ypur projects thank you for shareing Hugs Joyce

by joansatx 16 May 2012

You are very helpful and creative and I appreciate your entries.I plan to follow all the tips and hints. Thank you very much.

by Lupaccia 16 May 2012

Thanks for your incredible works, I love them!
Hugs, Sonia

by vero28 16 May 2012

I did not understand everything (certainly due to the translator) but it will be clearer by doing (I hope). Thank you for this information.

by mariahail 30 Mar 2012

I am so glad this is your obsession, because I love your designs!!!

by zedna 30 Mar 2012

Thanks for all the informations Sue!

by abeille78 30 Mar 2012

My only problem is to understand what could be the material "curtain interlining" in french to research for it!
Thanks to help as I do not find a useful translation...

spendlove by spendlove 30 Mar 2012

It is a non-woven fabric almost like a light weight felt.

greysewist by greysewist 30 Mar 2012

Insulated backing, maybe? Blockout, it is sometimes called here. I think Sue means the fabric that is between the 'nice' curtain fabric and the window, like you might wear a petticoat or a slip under a dress.

abeille78 by abeille78 30 Mar 2012

Thanks fo your explanations cuties. Not sur to have all understand... But that helps.

by mad14kt 29 Mar 2012

TU ;D *2U

by einon 22 Mar 2012

Sue, when I went into my material statsh to look for black-what did I find but a 1/2 yard of material which looks just like your finished pursh.
I made one purse skipping the keys and a couple colors and ended up with same looking purse. einon
Now to try lining the purse on the next one-thanks so much for your time and effort. Still watching for a doggie little purse.

by lrichardson 22 Mar 2012

I am glad they are your obsession, as they are mine as well. No meds needed, just thread, material and time. bliss.

by modo 22 Mar 2012

Thank you*

by spendlove Moderator 22 Mar 2012

TTT to join the other threads on this topic!

by rsehorse 21 Mar 2012

When making your egg purses, mine are all completely lined. When I sew the fabric over the zipper I use a piece of fabric that is folded completely in half with the wrong sides facing. I do this for stitching both sides of the zipper. Then for the back I use 2 pieces of fabric ( wrong sides facing again). I also add a piece of thin batting in between the 2 pieces of fabric so the egg is slightly padded. It works great for me. Hugs, Susan

spendlove by spendlove 22 Mar 2012

Thanks for adding that extra detail.

abeille78 by abeille78 30 Mar 2012

Thank you

by kreativbase 21 Mar 2012

Thank you so so much

by dilceia 21 Mar 2012

Thanks, dear Sue for these instructions!

by almag 21 Mar 2012

Thank you for these great instructions. I save all your instructions for when I actually get around to making some of these lovely projects.

by spendlove Moderator 21 Mar 2012

To conceal the zip as in this example: before you add the final layer of fabric,bring the fabric above the zip forward and then fold it back so that it forms a little flap over the zip teeth. I pressed this with the iron so it would stand a better chance of keeping in place.
It is a nice refinement, but another extra to remember to do before it is too late!

bumblebee by bumblebee 21 Mar 2012

Thank You Sue!

abeille78 by abeille78 30 Mar 2012


oigelcox by oigelcox 16 May 2012

Thanks for the tip . Hugs Joyce

by sewdeb 21 Mar 2012

Thanks, Sue, for these instructions and helpful photos.

by rmj8939 21 Mar 2012

This is such a great idea. I think they are better with the lining and now I know how, thanks.

by jacquipaul 20 Mar 2012

Good job Sue; thanks.

by greysewist Moderator 20 Mar 2012

I like things like this to be lined too, Sue, so can well understand your obsession. The piano keys look great to me, as well. Good going.

by shirley124 20 Mar 2012

Thanks Sue for these instructions

by capoodle 20 Mar 2012

Thanks for the instructions and the photos. Very helpful.

by gjemptynester 20 Mar 2012

I haven't had time to try one of your cute purses yet, but noticed the 2nd picture above has a piano keyboard? Hope you will share this pattern. I am a piano teacher.
Thanks for sharing all your great projects. I don't know how you have time. Love your creativity!

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eggyannie by eggyannie 06 Jun 2013

sue put this up in designs by cuties so do a search and you will find it

by pennifold 20 Mar 2012

FANTASTIC! You're a star! Love and blessings Chris

by eteaff 20 Mar 2012

I need to try this application. How do I save you instructions? I can't get to this right now.

pennifold by pennifold 20 Mar 2012

Just copy and paste Sue's instructions above into a Word document and save it under what you would like to call it. That's how I do anything I want instructions for on this site. Love Chris

shirley124 by shirley124 20 Mar 2012

Thats the way I do it as well

nualaa by nualaa 21 Mar 2012

You can also highlight the parts that you want to keep, go to print preview and select- "as laid out on screen" press the print button and print to a pdf file. If you do not have one go to "" and download. You can then save it to a file on your computer for later use.

radmom by radmom 22 Mar 2012

Thanks for the instructions on how to save the directions.

by noah 20 Mar 2012

Way to go Sue !!I see you are having fun hugs carolyn

by mops Moderator 20 Mar 2012

Years ago I bought a Husqvarna CD called 'Pretty purses in the hoop' and that's how they did it. So I always use a lining the way you described. It works well when the zip is on top: the seams won't show at all (with a little bit of help from your sewing machine). Unfortunately Husqvarna has no instruction on their site, these are only included in their CD.
When the zip is in front as in the cat and owl purses you'll still have the final seam showing on the inside, but the zip will be much neater.

spendlove by spendlove 20 Mar 2012

I didn't think I had had an original thought!

mops by mops 20 Mar 2012

Hehe, you have quite a few!! It's just a shame Husqvarna does not put the instruction on their site, why keep it a secret. I think that would do their expensive image a lot of good.

by patsy28 20 Mar 2012

I love your ith zipper purses. They are so cute and they sew up really well. I am anxious to try one with the lining. Thank you soooooo much. You are so kind, generous, and talented.

by susiesembroidery 20 Mar 2012

Thank you very much for these new instructions and method. It will be even nicer with the lining. It is already so beautiful!!!! Have a lovely creative day.***

by catsnhorses 20 Mar 2012

Thanks much for the directions, Sue. I won't be so hesitant now to try your adorable ITH purses.

by sdrise 20 Mar 2012

Good Idea! Suzanne

by cfidl 20 Mar 2012

I have not done these, I am still on puppets, however I think you are saying that the purse is now lined! yeah I like that, and the zipper is better also. You go Girl! You are rockin it! Live Laugh Digitize Stitch!

by dino 20 Mar 2012

I, too, love ITH projects. But, what is curtain interlining? Where can I get it?

spendlove by spendlove 20 Mar 2012

It is a non-woven synthetic fabric. It is ab it like felt but not so dense.

dino by dino 20 Mar 2012

Thanks, Sue. Now I know what to look for.