by bevgrift 14 Mar 2012

Dear Cuties

Why is the Cute site not "Closed" to the WWW Internet.
I thought if you used Usernames and Passwords it would make it more of a private Site.

Any one looking for their old posts or anyone elses Just Google Name and Cuteembroidery.

I don't much like it that my comments and Questions are out there surfing .
Hugs Bev


by tilde01 15 Mar 2012

I'm so sorry you thought that. That's one of the reasons that I don't use my real name.

by mnladyus 15 Mar 2012

Do you sign up on sites for free designs, Do you make purchases online, Do you get group or forwarded emails if so, your info is all over the internet already.

I hate to tell you, but very few places online line are safe to give all your info to. If they say it's a secure site, your info is usually safe. Have you read the papers that you get with your credit card bill lately. I did, and they give all your personal info to other companies including your Social Security numbers.

I feel safe on this site, I just don't post my email and my phone number where everyone can get it. Thats what the personals and private PM's are for.

by sewmom 15 Mar 2012

You got some very good answers. Always be careful about what you put on the net.

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sewmom by sewmom 15 Mar 2012

By the way. If you post in a Yahoo group, the post along with your email goes out on the internet with you name.

by ansalu 15 Mar 2012

That's why I don't use the same name on different pages. I know it is tempting to use the same name for all pages but so everybody in the net can see where you are cruising (what you buy on ebay, where you chat etc.).
Sometimes I think we Germans are a little paranoic but Facebook pe. is regulated with collecting informations about their users here without their permission.
Greetings, Bettina

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ansalu by ansalu 15 Mar 2012

And please don't write your mailadress in a post here in Public or where other can see them. For that you should use the PM (private message).

by meganne 15 Mar 2012

This is an open forum.
That is why we have PM for Private Messages between members and Personal (for things of a more personal nature that everyone can read) but I believe posts in Personal do not show up on Google search, only Community and Projects and perhaps some DBC posts, though I am not sure of the DBC posts.
For this reason, members, of long standing, are always telling newbies to be careful of what they write in Community.
We do it to warn others for their own protection, but it is often taken the wrong way, hence I, for one, have not bothered to write up warnings lately.

sadp by sadp 15 Mar 2012

Thanks Meganne for explaining (once again) hugs S*

bevgrift by bevgrift 15 Mar 2012

Yes, I found this out by accident!
It was surprising to only find your
name and not the other that I was wanting to look up.

by sadp 15 Mar 2012

OH NO, had a look, do not want anything from me 'floating around' either, not posting any more, only flowers and 'safe' info, S*