by almag 12 Mar 2012

I'm considering freeing up my Husqvarna Designer II machine by purchasing an embroidery-only machine. I would, however, like to still have the larger hoop choice e.g. at least 5x7, as well as the 4x4 size.

Is anyone using an embroidery-only machine and, if so, what brand do you use, please, and is it meeting your requirements?

I don't know if this has been discussed before but I'm hoping to get some up-to-date information.
My quilting/sewing wings are severely clipped now that my interest is turning once again to quilting and bagmaking.



by meganne 14 Mar 2012

I have a Brother 750 D embroidery only machine, app. $1500 AUD, but compared to the Diamond & the Elna Xquisites, the stitch outs leave much to be desired, (IN MY OPINION) so I keep it purely to be able to (legally) use Disney designs.
I guess it depends on how fussy you are as I suppose I am expecting a bit much comparing it to the most expensive machines available.
The Brother Rep called it an ENTRY LEVEL machine and I was STUNNED, I told her I didn't consider a fifteen hundre dollar, embroidery ONLY, machine to be "entry level"

I think Polly's Janome's both stitch better than the 750 D and I don't think they cost as much, you could write and ask her.
PM her if you don't have her emad.
hugs n rose, Meganne

meganne by meganne 14 Mar 2012

Don't buy a Bernina, unless you want to be stuck with having to use ART format and needing to buy Expensive Bernina software to be able to convert other formats to ART before you can use them!!!!!

almag by almag 14 Mar 2012

Thanks, Meganne, the Bernina is way out of my price range. Alma.

by roberta 13 Mar 2012

I have a Designer 1 machine and I use it for embroidery only. I have a Juki sewing machine I use to sew on plus the Sapphire by Husqvarna which is a sewing and embroidery machine but only has built in stitches which I never use, because I like the wide sewing field that's why I bought it. I don't like to sew on my Designer 1 for some reason. I just like to embroidery on it. Plus a serger so I have enough to keep me busy so I sew while I embroidery to get things done. Roberta

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almag by almag 14 Mar 2012

Husqvarna have a large range of machines. My Designer II (sew/emb/qui) is a beauty, does great embroidery but I need it for sewing and quilting during my sewing time. Pity it's been discontinued now - really good things often are discontinued.

by almag 13 Mar 2012

A HUGE Thankyou to everyone who had any input into my quest for an embroidery-only machine. Generally I feel that the Janome 350E and the Brother 780D seem to be the machines that might fit the bill nicely and that has narrowed the field to a workable size. I'll be doing some intense research during the next few days.
In the meantime I found this interesting information.... ....

and thought you'd be interested, too.

I'm not into any commercial venture and I even think it might be a downward step going from the HVDII embroidery to a smaller machine but I've been very impressed by the comments from the experienced stitchers about the two machines mentioned above.

Finance is always a big consideration, of course, and another expensive machine is out of the question for me so I appreciate fully the help you have all given me. We do all seem to love the machines we are using but the Janome 350E and the Brother 780D seem to be all-round winners.
I can now go ahead and plan with a clear goal in mind. Thank you, all.

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Mar 2012

I have a Brother PR 650 that is embroidery only. Its great but I dont get to use it enough

asterixsew by asterixsew 13 Mar 2012

Forgot to add that if you have a dealer that you know maybe they have good pre loved machines. These cost less but if the dealer knows their 'history' they will be able to say yes buy or no leave it alone. Do let us know what you get

almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

I just found out that the Brother PR650 is a 6-needle machine costing $12999 here in Australia. I'm not into that market but thank you for your input. Alma.

by lehewj1 13 Mar 2012

I have a Brother 780d and I just love it... only goes up to 5x7 though

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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thank you for your input. 5x7 is fine for me as I have the Split Design facility in my software program.

by susiesembroidery 13 Mar 2012

Bernina 640 is extremely reliable and a real little workhorse.

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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

I've always like the Berninas but I want an embroidery-only machine this time.

by mjdg 13 Mar 2012

My dealer wanted $1000 for my 780D Brother. I found it on Amazon for much less plus free delivery and he met the price + I get everything else in the store for 20% off as long as I own the machine.


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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

That's what I call a good deal.

by mjdg 13 Mar 2012

I have had two emb. only machines. My newest one is a Brother 780D...with a 4x4 and 5x7 hoop... built in Disney designs and a lot of other designs. I use both hoops and find that usually the 5x7 is plenty big enough for what I want to do.

My machine is a little picky about threads, and I don't know if all Brothers are....but I cannot use rayon thread or Sulky of any kind. (can't use Metro either)

I love the emb. only because many times I'm sewing on my Viking sewing machine while the Brother is doing the emb. I would not like to have to switch back and forth on one machine.

gramsbear by gramsbear 13 Mar 2012

My Brother also does not like rayon or Sulky! Hahaha! Must be a Brother thing! Hugs, Judy

almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Yes, switching back and forth is a nuisance and I want to use my sewing time and Viking for everything else it does.
The Brother 780D is certainly a consideration. Alma.

by quail 13 Mar 2012

I have a Janome 350E and I love it. I especially love the fact that it can use a flash drive. It makes it very easy to transfer my designs to my machine. I have it humming away when I am using my sewing machine(also a Janome). The 350E has a 4X4 hoop(110x126), the 5x7 hoop (140x200), it can use a small 2x2 hoop (50x50), or if you can split your designs, a giga hoop. All in all, this is a big bang for your buck.

lucypiwow by lucypiwow 13 Mar 2012


almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thank you for all that information. Interesting about the flash drive - I use d-cards and a reader/writer unit at present.

by pcteddyb 13 Mar 2012

I have a Brother 780D that does up to a 5x7 hoop and is embroidery only. It was my first machine and I found it to worked very well. I have since upgraded to a Quattro but kept the 780D as a backup or to be able to run two machines if I am preparing for a craft show.

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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thank you - the Brother 780D is the kind of embroidery machine I'm after and it's interesting that you've kept it as a backup. Alma.

by sdrise 13 Mar 2012

I have a Babylock 10 needle. The biggest hoop I have 14 x 14. Huge... the smallest hoop is 2.4 x 1.6. I love this machine it is very versitile. meets all me needs. Even does hats with hat hoop. My machine has 2 sets of hoops. very handy.

cfidl by cfidl 13 Mar 2012

We - Ok I want your machine. Not that I am envious or anything. Wow it must be fun!

sdrise by sdrise 13 Mar 2012

Multi tasking is my favorite thing to do. I have three machines running at once sometimes. The third being my serger, Fun fun Suzanne

almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

I like the Babylock machines but it's way out of my price range for my needs.
My Babylock serger is great.

darmoola by darmoola 13 Mar 2012

wow 14x14. Dream machine, is it hard to thread? I imagine it might be like a serger?

by gdsteliga 13 Mar 2012

I had the Janome 300E and loved it so much that when I got the chance at a good deal on the 350E I took it and sold my 300E to a friend who now loves it. I have the Hat hoop, tiny hoop and gigahoop, which I have not used yet. It does 4x4 and 5x7. I do wish it could do bigger designs, but I can get creative.
I have a Husquvarna #1 sewing machine with all the stitches and feet. so I think I have the best of both machine worlds without spending thousands of $$$$$$.

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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thank you for that information.
This sounds exactly what I want to do. I think the 5x7 area is fine for my needs and I can split designs if need be. Alma.

by mops Moderator 13 Mar 2012

I have a Melco EP4 which is identical to the Janome MB4. I had a very good deal when it was introduced in the Netherlands - got €1000 worth of all sorts of stabilisers, stabilisers, threads, and lots more. I love the machine, it's a reliable workhorse and with 25 kg my husband can move it and pick it up easily (I can't- just too heavy for me). And I love not having to change threads when the design has up to 4 colours. Largest hoop size is 200x300 mm which is smaller than the Brother's 6 needle one. Still dreaming of a 12 or more needle one, but I'm not worth it - too expensive for what I do with it, and too old to start a serious business.

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 13 Mar 2012

I have a similar problem, I am not worth a multineedle embroideery machine, because of various reasons, but I use my Bernina 640 and Bernette Deco extensively and wish for a multineedle machine. I would love bigger hoops than the 4x4 and 5x7 *****

almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

I just found a second hand Janome MB4 with all accessories in South Australia for $5000.

by grandmamek 13 Mar 2012

Alma, I have the Janome 350E and I love it. I can use the 4X4 hoop, 5X7 hoop, and even my Giga hoop with it. I have never had any problems with any tensions or thread. I use mostly Metro thread with it. It has turned out to be a wonderful workhorse for me. Never quits. I looked at the Bernina as well and then I found out that Janome was making the embroidery machine only for Bernina. Before this I had a Husqvarna Designer I that I ended up hating. I love my Janome machines. Hugs, Mary

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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thank you for this input. My Designer II is great but I want to use the sensor facilities for quilting and other sewing.

by mommajo 12 Mar 2012

I use my Bernina 830 LE mostly for embroidery. I have another machine I use for sewing. I guess I am a bit lazy about having to change the settings just to sew up something.

almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thank you. I'll have a look at the Bernina 830 LE but I think this might be beyond my price range. I had a Bernina for 35+ years and passed it on to my grand-daughter.

ssampsel by ssampsel 13 Mar 2012

i have an 830 & it is a pain in the a$$. the 830 made my 5th (& probably last)bernina machine. too much money for a machine that causes so much trouble.

darmoola by darmoola 13 Mar 2012

OH trouble. I've been drolling over it and would love to have one. What type of problems are you having? I have the 730 and have some problems with the bobbin but thats about and runs great.

ssampsel by ssampsel 13 Mar 2012

i have had my 730 for about 4 yrs and the 830 for 18mos. the threading & bobbin hooks systems for the 830 are just poorly designed & expensive to repair.

by marjialexa Moderator 12 Mar 2012

Alma, I have the Janome 300E and I love it! It's embroidery only, and has both 4x4 and 5x7 hoops. It is the least fussy machine I've ever used. I never have to adjust tension or play with it, and it seems to be happy with most any kind of thread I put into it. I've even done FSL with cheap cones of serger thread from JoAnns, and other that a lot of lint, I could actually walk away and let it sew, never broke that cheap thread. I really like the separate machines, because I can embroider something like FSL that will take an hour and at the same time sew strips for my quilt. The Janome 300E was replaced with the 350E shortly after I purchased mine, but the view screen in color wasn't like anything I couldn't live without. Bet you could pick up a used one in really good condition for a song. They're so simple, isn't a lot to go wrong with them, any problems with mine have mostly been, um, operator error. My dealer often has a good laugh at my expense. Of course, you could also probably get a really good deal on a used Janome MB4 (drool, drool) which is a 4 needle, and up to a huge giga hoop, too. Really, seriously, my dealer had a used trade-in in great condition for about $4000. The 350E you could probably get used for way less than $1000, maybe even $500. I could ask my dealer if you want, dying to go down there anyway...Best of luck, and hugs, Marji

almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thankyou for all that input. I didn't know the 300E could use a 5x7 hoop. I'd looked at that one before with the 350E.
I'll keep on researching for a while... :}

janetedna by janetedna 13 Mar 2012

I agree with Marjii about the Janome 350e. The giga-hoop is an optional extra as well as a circular hoop and a very small hoop. It's not fussy about thread with the exeption of Janome thread! which is the only one that shreds. My screen isn't coloured which would make it easier to see and I've even pushed the arm back into position after using it with not enough clearance at the back. Definitely get an embroider only machine. Jan

mops by mops 13 Mar 2012

Nice to see you again Marji!

by gramsbear 12 Mar 2012

I have a Brother Emb Only and I love it. It has 4x4 & 5x7 hoops, and just sews so nicely. It is a 750D. I also have a Viking That is a sewing machine as well as Emb, but I do not change it over to sew regular, too much trouble, & I have a Janome thet sews regular, so all I need is Emb. Hope you get what you are happy with. Hugs, Judy

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almag by almag 13 Mar 2012

Thankyou. I just researched the Brother 750D machines and found you get four hoops with the machine and their hoops beat the Vikings in price by a mile - like four for the price of one.