by jennlenore 06 Mar 2012

Hi,I must be stupid or something? I asked about the quilts needed for Uganda;would love to make some .Meganne said she sent the original post to the top?? I can,t find anything and don't see any kind of a search box?I mainly need to know what is meant by a 2 layer quilt?Is this just two layers of fabric without a bating in the middle?Help!! I probably sound stupid but want to know so I don't screw up. Imake regular quilts all the time.I have all commercial machinery so can make quickly to meet the deadline. Also have a long arm quilter. Thank you for any info!


by hightechgrammy 07 Mar 2012

Oh Jennienore, I'm so sorry you missed, or we missed you, or whatever happened! We would LOVE to have your help! A two layer quilt is just exactly what you were thinking. It's just a quilt without the batting, because it is so warm in Uganda, the kids don't actually need the warmth. The purpose of these quilts is to provide comfort, maybe a little weight over the shoulder for sleeping. Mostly cotton, colorfast, lightweight. Not much quilting is needed. The colors need to be medium or bright, trying to avoid the whites and blacks as it is dusty there, and they won't be washing in clear water. The size is relatively small, for 2-10 year olds, a cuddle quilt, in the 42"x48" range.
And.. they are mostly boys! We will appreciate any and all you can make! The only other thing is ... they need to be sewn with LOVE in every stitch :-) Please feel free to add any Christian designs you like :-) Any more questions, I know I missed something.... hugs, Jan

by granniebea 07 Mar 2012


by meganne 07 Mar 2012

Sorry, but I thought I also added the links for you to click on to go to the original posts, like DRRO has done for you in her answer below.
YES, just two layers of cotton, no batting.

It is very hot in Uganda so these are going to serve more as a coverlet and will give each child something they can call their own.
Colour preferences would be vibrant, the kind children love, but remembering that these will get dirty and are unlikely to be washed regularly, the 'darker' vibrant colours would be more suitable than pastels.

African animals or motifs or things recognisable to these children would also be more preferable than our domesticated dogs n cats, etc.

I have added the link to the original post underneath this message, please click on it to open.
Hugs n roses, Meganne
PS, thanks for being persistent. :-)))

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jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

Thank you so much for your help!!If the link was there I missed it. {wasn't in blue as this one is}.I am really looking forward to this project,especially as jungle and safari prints are my all time favorites so have lots of scraps for quilts!!!

by airyfairy 07 Mar 2012

Hi there - I see you have all your answers. I am making a quilt for Uganda. A real learning curve as I have never made one before. Good luck and I envy you with all your wonderful machines. Hugs Sarah.

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jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

Thank you;Sometimes I wish I didn't have all this machinery!!I get myself into some AWFUL projects!!!LOL

by cfidl 07 Mar 2012

Yes from what I understand it is 2 layers of cotton with no batting in between. Where are you Jenny and can I be your new best friend, does the direction of the seams really matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.

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jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

I am in upstate New York.These will be the easiest quilts I have ever worked on{no Batting}.I love this group;everyone is so friendly and helpful!!

by parkermom 06 Mar 2012

Not stupid at all! And how lucky you are to have commercial machinery--I'm a little jealous!

jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

Don't be jealous!! There are definitely times when I wish I didn't even know how to sew much less own all this machinery!! I have gotten into some awful projects at times!!!LOL I was lucky enough to work in factories when I was younger and when they closed picked up machines at $150 apiece.Then I splurged and got my Barudan Elite 15 needle embroidery machine.

jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

closed I was able to purchase 7 machines at $150 each.My biggest investment was my embroidery machine 9 years ago when I bought my Barudan Elite 15 needle.

parkermom by parkermom 07 Mar 2012

I'm unable to say no, so I've gotten myself into sewing projects that were just goofy! Someday, I'll learn...

by drro 06 Mar 2012

I will add the other posts related to the quilt project. I always save the links so I can go back and reread if I need more information...old brain and I forget what I read earlier;>)

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jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

Thank you so much!! Everyone has been so helpful in providing links to the info I needed!!And we are off to make some quilts!!

by drro 06 Mar 2012

If you send Jan a private message, she will email you directly and give you more information based on your questions.

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drro by drro 06 Mar 2012

And you are certainly not stupid... learning to navigate and use a website takes time...I still have trouble;>) Hang in is a wonderful site..loving and helpful;>) Welcome and God Bless!

by drro 06 Mar 2012

Here is the link! Sorry you did not find the ttt post;>)

jennlenore by jennlenore 07 Mar 2012

Thank you!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 07 Mar 2012

Thank you, jennie for being so persistent! That's dedication!

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Mar 2012

I will try to help finding it. Yes there is no batting since it is pretty hot on Uganda.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 06 Mar 2012

You could send a PM (personal message) to hightechgranny. She is the one that handles the Uganda quilt project. Hope this helps. Maybe she will even see you post and reply.