by chubbylilblkcat 05 Mar 2012

mops 7d I didn't know how to email you but I was wondering if you might be able to make a little kitten just like the little bunny softie. My daughters love the little bunny and are now asking for a little kitten..It could probably be the same but with pointy ears and triangle nose and whiskers or what ever you think..I just Love your work..there is no way I could come up with this..Thank you xoxo Julie


by chubbylilblkcat 09 Mar 2012

I LOVE it..Thanks so much, I will send you my email

by airyfairy 09 Mar 2012

Martine to the rescue again. Hugs Sarah.

by mops Moderator 09 Mar 2012

to the top again

by lawmedassistant 08 Mar 2012

That is just adorable! Love it! ummmmm, want to say this as gentle as I can, I don't want to sound ungrateful (I love everyone of them so much) but can it be possible for a "horse". I run a non profit horse rescue and during fundraisers they would be lovely to had out to small children. Maybe with our name on them too .... Many hugs!

by mops Moderator 08 Mar 2012


by turtleowl 07 Mar 2012

Love this kitten and would be happy to test. All my grands are kitty people ( even the one who LOVES elephants).

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mops by mops 07 Mar 2012

Sent you a PM

by mops Moderator 07 Mar 2012

If this is what you are looking for send me a PM with your emailaddress - it has not been tested (too pressed for time at the moment), so I won't upload it in DBC. Martine

alexgrandma by alexgrandma 07 Mar 2012

This is soo cute!!

jussyc by jussyc 07 Mar 2012

Purfect :)

muflotex by muflotex 07 Mar 2012


hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 08 Mar 2012

Yes, purfect!

christracey by christracey 09 Mar 2012

Very cute looking cat. Will you be sharing this one??

by mops Moderator 06 Mar 2012

I was fast asleep when you posted this, it's 7.28 am now. Maybe tonight!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 06 Mar 2012


chubbylilblkcat by chubbylilblkcat 06 Mar 2012

Your so sweet xoxo Thanks mops

by jayce 06 Mar 2012