by almag 03 Mar 2012

Scenes of terrible devastation caused by the American tornadoes have been showing on our TV. Does anyone know if we have Cute Members in these areas? If so, do you know if these members are safe?



by katydid 05 Mar 2012


by katydid 05 Mar 2012

Over a year ago, we drove through Birmingham,AL. and I personally took these photos. I have never in my lifetime have ever seen any thing like this. I could not help but stand there and cry.The tall man in the last photo is a Birmingham police officer and he had assisted in the rescue after the storm. He was so emotionally affected that he came by on his day off to try to get a grip on the tragedy.

by snowbird42 05 Mar 2012

OMG i just cant imagine how these people feel just hope there is no loss of life...soozie

by almag 05 Mar 2012

I'm hoping that all those people who have been affected are being cared for, counselled and loved in some way. I hope that once the shock has passed that continued support is available, too.

by pldc 03 Mar 2012

we can always pray!that any & all involved have ethe strenght to get through it!

by shirlener88 03 Mar 2012

Alma, unles they are safe and check in - we really will not know. A few of Rick's family were close by a couple of the hits in Branson, Missouri - but are safe now.

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cfidl by cfidl 03 Mar 2012

OMG! So glad you have had communication with your loved one! Blessings!

by bevinoz 03 Mar 2012

Yesterday Quilter124 (Dianne) mentioned that one was heading in her direction. Has anyone heard from her? Bev.

by jacquipaul 03 Mar 2012

Found on the birthday list:
28 Cuties in Alabama (1 in Huntsville),
7 Cuties in Kentucky (1 in Bowling Green),
13 Cuties in Ohio.
Since it's 11 pm on the east coast it may be too late to contact them, but I'll pm the two who are in the areas mentioned in the news reports that I found on line.
Please keep praying.

by jacquipaul 03 Mar 2012

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Our daughter and her family live in Kansas, which was not affected by this belt of tornados, but which is in middle America, which is hit by tornados every year. We pray for them and for all who live with this weather threat.

by meganne 03 Mar 2012

I too am praying for the safety of all those living in the tornado belt. I can't imagine living under such a terrible threat, let alone when the threat becomes a reality. Meg

by drro 03 Mar 2012

I have been wondering all day long myself and praying they and the other folks in that area are okay. There is such terrible devastation and the loses tremendous.

by gerryb 03 Mar 2012

I'm in Knoxville & spent time in the hall bathroom several times yesterday! But thanks to our Lord, we were not hit. Tornados sat down in towns nearby, straight line winds, power outages, but Knoxville was spared a lot. Chattanooga, not so much. Ala. as usual took hits. Just remember all those that lost loved ones as well as everything they owned.

cfidl by cfidl 03 Mar 2012

Wasn't Chattanooga hit last year as well! WOW! Lightening may not stike in the same place but tornado's do! I hope all Cuties update us on their status!

katydid by katydid 05 Mar 2012

My sister had damage from storms a year ago. She e-mailed me that she was unplugging stuff, computer and such. A year she was lucky that her damage was trees down all over the property, but she had a terrible time getting assistance for removal as the main priorities were to people that had structural damage.

by parkermom 03 Mar 2012

Good question, thanks for asking it. Four years ago, three of my family members were killed when their home took a direct hit from a tornado in Atkins, Arkansas. It was and is a terrible thing to cope with. The loss is indescribable. I hope all our Cute family is safe.

janetedna by janetedna 04 Mar 2012

So sorry. Jan

bnilla9241 by bnilla9241 04 Mar 2012

Hello Jan. Bonnie from Lincoln, AR. I am so sorry for your losses.
I get very concerned with every storm warning. The tornado that wiped out a good part of Cincinnati,Ar was over the hill from my house. After it hit Cincinnati it bounced here and there. I remember the green skies and the big storm.
May you continue to stay safe.
Hugs, Bonnie

parkermom by parkermom 05 Mar 2012

Last year's Clarksville tornado went just 2 miles from my home. I used to not be scared so much, but that shook me up! There but for the grace of God....