by robinbird 03 Mar 2012

Hi cuties, Wondered if you use prewound bobbins what brand have you found to work well& wanted to know from where you've bought them.


by anangel 05 Mar 2012

I absolutely love NEBS clear sided plastic prewound bobbins. I have a Brother that they worked great in with no problems. My machine is several years old, and have used the prewounds since a couple of weeks after purchase. is where I buy most of my supplies. Reasonable prices and fast delivery.

by pcteddyb 05 Mar 2012

I love prewounds for both of my Brother's. I get the plastic sided ones from

by hogfan 04 Mar 2012

I wouldn't use snything else. The difference is night and day for me from my own wound ones. I use Metro now and love them.

by bikermomfl 04 Mar 2012

I use the prewounds exclusively. I have had the best luck with the Fil-Tec clear sided bobbins in my designer 1. And they really do last longer than anything you can wind yourself. Maybe I'll try the ones from Metro

by thecraftycritter 03 Mar 2012

I use Metro on my Pfaff machines and have no problems. Use the cardboard sides and remove them so the "bobbin low" sensor works.

thecraftycritter by thecraftycritter 03 Mar 2012

won't take the address so here is the rest of it after the index.p


by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Mar 2012

I use Metro as well and had no problems with all the Babylocks I have embroidered with. I use the plastic ones and love the price

by sdrise 03 Mar 2012

I use magna glide bobbins. They have a real tiny magnet on one end.It prevents the bobbin from overspin causing a birds nest and you get to use up all the thread on the bobbin. No waste. I get them at AlStitch. Cheapest around. Suzanne

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by darenluan 03 Mar 2012

Prewound by Metro and the price is as least the half of other brands.

by jofrog2000 03 Mar 2012

My first try at prewounds was NEBS, later bought from Metro, also, best price I have found, and they work just as well in my Babylock ellegante and Brother SE270D. They do hold so much more thread, and are just very convenient.

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robinbird by robinbird 03 Mar 2012

Thanks for sharing the info on this.:~D

by bnilla9241 03 Mar 2012

I have a Brother Pr 600 and Singer Futura. My Pr 600 seems to really like the pre wound bobbins from, I think MEB brand. My Futura seems to work well with bobbins that are not pre wound.

Hope this helps!

Hugs, Bonnie

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robinbird by robinbird 03 Mar 2012

Thanks much for your input.:~D

by gramsbear 03 Mar 2012

Yes I use Prewound and I got mine at Metro. They work great in both of my machines. Viking & Brother! I'm sold on them. So much less expensive than at the Viking stort. Hugs, Judy

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robinbird by robinbird 03 Mar 2012

Thanks for sharing your info& could you please give the web addy too. A flower for you.:~D